5 Pawsitive superstitions about black cats

Did you know? Black cats have the lowest rate of adoption – and because of this, they also have the highest rate of euthanasia. The main reason for this “black cat bias” – is the negative association of black cats with witchcraft. 

Despite being the symbol of Halloween, black cats are actually not scary at all! They can be as loving, caring, and friendly as any other feline friend. In celebration of the spooky season, let’s take a look at some positive superstitions about black cats!

A blessing to your love life ❣️

In Japan and England, black cats are a positive companion for those looking for love! If a black cat enters a single woman’s home, she’ll find herself with many suitors! If she is married, the kitty will bring a long and happy love life. Another interesting superstition in Norse Mythology is that Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, rides in a chariot drawn by black cats!

A black cat crossing your path 🚶‍♀️

Although we commonly think of a black cat crossing your path as a bad thing, there are several cultures in the world where this is considered a good omen. In British, German, and Japanese cultures: coming across these cats is considered a lucky thing! So when they’ve crossed your path, be prepared for a great day ahead.

Leading the way to furrtune 💰

When you think of Japan, one of the most iconic symbols that comes to mind is the fortune cat! You know, those figurines with one raised paw (which is also quite common in Thailand too!). They usually come in white, but they also come in black – it is believed that black cats bring luck and also scare away evil energy. French peasants also believed that if a black cat was released in a place with a five-way intersection, it would lead to treasure and fortune. 

The purrformance of a lifetime 🎭

Having a cat in the crowd during an opening night is a good omen. If there’s a black cat in the audience of a theater performance, be prepared for a sustainable and prosperous show. It’s been said that some actors have them in backstage rooms to keep the good vibes flowing!

Happy cat, happy weather! ☁️

Back in the day, sailing was a big gamble. Unpredictable tides and weather made it hard for sailors and their families to be sure there will be a safe return. English sailors believed that having a black cat on board would bring the sailors safe travels! Keeping them well-fed and happy (with an all-you-can-eat buffet 🐟) will ensure clear blue skies. 

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are not bad luck, evil, or a bad omen. If anything, there are far more pawsitive superstitions surrounding black cats than negative ones. It just so happens that the negative association became much more popularized! 

From wedding chapels, and theaters, to sailing the seas, black cats have been a lucky companion in our hoomans endeavors. They can be as cuddly, loving, and friendly as any other cat – so give these little guys a chance! Maybe you’ll be lucky in love, nail that acting role, or be blessed with winning the lottery. 

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