Stray: Adventures in the cyber city through a Cat’s lens!

What’s your definition of a dystopian world?

Would it be a burning world like The Maze Runner or would it be a class segregated society like The Hunger Games

In this world, us, hoomans, always seem to survive catastrophes. But what if the dystopian universe only has robots and drones? No humans are left, and the only one left is a Stray Orange Cat! 

The game Stray lets us roleplay as an orange cat that has been abandoned by its family. As a cat, we have a small drone named ‘B-12’ as our companion on our journey. The drone also helps us figure out ancient mysteries and escape from the forgotten city!

In the role of a small orange feline friend, we have to escape evil rats and other enemies. We’re sure everyone will get a chance to run around and parkour all over the world to find our way home!

Find out more information about this pawsome game and stream to view it at

Stray has opened up for gamers to stream their gameplay since last July, with awwwmazing feedback from the public! The public includes cat lovers, gamers, and also cats themselves! To the point where there is a Twitter account dedicated to cats watching the Stray gameplay! Let’s take a look at these adorable fur babies.

We’d like to thank Twitter: @CatsWatchStray for the cute images of these kitties! 

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