Why grooming is important to your pets’ health?

A big part of having a furry friend that most pawrents find fun yet challenging is taking them to the groomers! 

Whether you have a dog or cat, if you are taking them to the groomers or if you’re DIY-ing yourself, this process takes time, effort, and a lot of energy! Sometimes our fluffy companions have too much fun in the mud. So what exactly happens when we don’t take our furry friends to the groomers? They shouldn’t need that much maintenance right? 

Let’s see what happens to the health of our pets if they don’t receive regular grooming or showers!

Issues with tangled coat and skin 

This is the most common issue when it comes to irregular grooming. If you’re not brushing your trusted companion’s fur frequently, the hair that is supposed to shed might linger a little too long. Causing knots, tangles, and matted fur. Especially pets with longer coats, their eyes might be blocked or even irritated from the extra strands. Other than that, there are also issues with ticks and fleas. Regular showers and grooming will help your pet see better and get rid of any annoying pests! 

Problems with walking 

It might seem like pets with untrimmed nails would only affect the well-being of us as a pawrent. But in fact, our furry friends might experience nail breaks and tears. Another thing is that: if the nails are so long, they can curl back into your pet’s paw, which can cause complications and extreme pain, and as a result, hinder your friend’s ability to walk. Left untrimmed for a very long time, this change in walking habits can cause arthritis on top of any other deformities. Keeping our pet’s nails trimmed lets them live their best life and stay happy. 

Complications with ear infections 

If our furry friend doesn’t get their ears cleaned regularly, they are especially susceptible to ear infections. Our pets will have varying anatomies of their ear, and this variety can cause different issues such as ear fungus, rashes, ear mites, or even blockage. All of these complications can be avoided if we regularly keep our pet’s ears spotless!

Dental hygiene issues

Our pet’s oral health is something important we often overlook. Because our paw friends can’t brush their teeth themselves, unlike what we do for ourselves on a daily basis. Taking care of our pet’s oral hygiene means brushing their teeth, and checking for any abnormalities such as bad breath, which can tell us a lot about our pet’s current physical condition.

There’s a common understanding that grooming is done for sanitary purposes, and to keep everyone in the house clean, but an added benefit is that it keeps our pet’s health in tip-top shape with early detection. Whether you are fumbling around with the hose in your backyard, or you are taking your friend to the groomer, it’s a great time for you to bond with each other! 🐶🐱

🗨️ What about you guys? When was the last time you took your furry friend to the groomer?

This article is reviewed by the veterinarian from Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET)

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