Super Pawers: Our pet’s secret abilities

Not heroes wear capes… because sometimes they come with propped ears and a wagging tail!

Although our furry companions don’t have immense strength, an iron suit, or summon the Bifrost bridge, they don’t fail to impress us with their mere natural abilities! Let’s take a look at cats and dogs’ super pawers! 🦸‍♀️🐶😼


Magical Whiskers 

Our cat’s little whiskers aren’t just there for decoration! It’s actually an essential part of their sensory abilities. Cat whiskers are so sensitive that they don’t even need to touch something to detect its movement! Not only that, our feline friends use their whiskers to measure if they can fit into a space or not!

Telescopic Vision

A lot of us might assume that cats don’t have great eyesight. After all, they can’t even see us presenting a treat right in front of them! But in reality, their eyes are actually great for farther objects! They can also detect fast movements from afar, making them the purrfect predator.


The little feline that spends most of its life sleeping actually can function at impeccable speed (that is if they want to)! Some breeds can even run short distances at 48 km/hours! That’s faster than some cars out there!


Dogtor Strange

Doctor Strange could be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the superhero universe, but our Dogtor Strange is just as talented! With a remarkable sense of smell, our paw friends can detect even the slightest change within our bodies. They can detect any abnormal changes much before we do, and that includes emotional shifts as well. 


Another power these little guys have never failed to grip our hearts is the ability to read our minds! Although they might not be able to comprehend what we’ve been through, it’s like they always know when we need a pick-me-up. According to an article from Springer, dogs can perceive the emotion that comes with human voices, body odor, posture, and facial expressions. That’s how our little friends always seem to know when something is wrong!

Ultrasonic hearing

With the ability to hear three times better than us hoomans do, whether that would be from their ear placement or more than a dozen (18 to be exact) muscles in their ears! These are foolproof built-in mechanisms that lets them hear the slightest crunch from their plastic treats! 

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg to our furry friends’ super pawers and their abilities! Dogs and cats have their own unique and exciting abilities we’re still finding out about! Does your pet have any hidden special powers? Let us know!

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