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It’s the festive season! We’re not surprised if many of you are prepared for a holiday and vacation. But taking your furry friend with you can be difficult. Especially cats that are terrifies of changes in environment. That’s why you its so important to find them a cozy and comfortable place to stay.

MyFriend would like to take you all to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cats – a hooman cafe and a cat hotel. Molded from love and carefully crafted with a deep passion by Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr, a real architect cat dad who designed this cat hotel and cafe by himself! Alongside his partner who is also a veterinarian!


Hello, I’m Phu, the co-founder of Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat which is where we are now. We created this space for the community of people who loves cats and those who love coffee, so they can spend quality time together.

Inspiration in design

We mainly divided it into two parts in our four-storey building. The first two levels are the cafe and coffee service. As for the coffee, it’s all of Single Origin, and we also have Brunch! Where you can sit to snack or work here!

As for the third and fourth floors, this is our highlight. It’s the cat hotel! I do have to say, I’m such a big cat lover, and I also love coffee. I thought these two things can exist together, and that’s what the origin of the idea was. I think cats really need a safe space to hang out and freely be themselves, just like humans. When we feel like we need a place to rest and relax, we want a place where we can “hide” to think of ideas and things of that sort.

So the inspiration for the design was to focus on a modern look. We try to have an airy atmosphere, with natural lighting for both humans and cats! Think of something along the lines of a modern loft, decorated with darker-tone chairs and tables. This creates a sense of peacefulness. We also welcome our guests with flowers and plants throughout, and the same goes for the cats. The cat hotel floor is also decorated with plants. We adorned the walls with paintings and images for them, so they can feel relaxed!

The unique points of this place

The most obvious point would be the fact that we’re not a Cat Cafe. Our philosophy is that we are equal to the cats. Therefore, the difference is that we give the best coffee for humans, and we give the best accommodation for our feline friends.

For each cat’s room, we try to keep everything about the cat in the design, such as their ergonomy. How far do they jump, at what angle, and in what way would make it the least stressful. We can see this clearly on the third floor, because all of their rooms are facing away from each other, so they can’t see each other. At the same time, we also made a gap for them to peek out and see the outside surroundings.

Another thing is that we also give the pet parents the choice of picking the size of each room. Just like a human’s hotel! We have many room types: Villa, Duplex, Penthouse, and Casa. Each type has their own furniture in their own sizing.

Were there any memorable moments? 

I’ll share a cute case that we’ve gotten! Every customer of ours is adorable, but I think the sweetest situation was when a customer brought in really young kitties. The two of them were around a month and a half old, and they were little naughty ones! They also gave us a fake plant that was decor, but the kittens got really attached to it.

I feel like it’s really endearing because it shows that they really cared for the kitties. It matched our philosophy, and I want to take care of the cats as if they were also cared for by their pawrents. That’s why we placed the fake plant in the little cat room, so they felt like they were home. I think that’s the cutest case we’ve had.

Rules or regulations when we take the cats to the hotel

The thing we would like for cat parents to know is that, okay, let’s paint a picture here. Your cat is fully vaccinated, with no ticks and fleas, and is overall clean. Crusty ears and eyes are normal, we can take care of that. Just bring the little one in to check in anywhere.

One thing we do want to focus on is the cleanliness of the environment. Because everything can affect the stress levels of the friend.

There was one case where the cat was very unfriendly. One to two days later, they were still quite aggressive. Even just feeding them, we got a little slap, so we had to resort to the last option. Our staff had a lightbulb moment, so they danced for the cat! The staff tried everything they could possibly do, but dancing was the only one that worked! Because the cat was confused, and the little one was so dumbfounded, the aggression just melted away.

I was confused at first, and I talked to my business partner, who is also a veterinarian. He said that yes, when we are too determined to approach them, they might feel threatened. But if we move in an odd way, they might feel more relaxed.

Anything else for the audience? 

We’re actually opening the grooming section for the cats! Because we understand that when pawrents are away for a while, they’d want their fur babies to be brushed and cleaned. We are opening that soon, we’re trained by an academy about how to shower cats without making them feel stressed, picking the right shampoos, to blow drying their fur. As for brushing their coat, we only want the best for them. We want it to be a relaxing experience like a salon.

I’d like to leave the Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat as a destination for everyone. No matter if you just simply love cats, or just love coffee. If you want to try something new, just come and visit! You can sit here to work anytime. We want to create new and amazing experiences. We’re launching a new signature menu next month, so you can come by and check out how it tastes! The dining table cat memes but in a drink form. So we’d like to invite you to try! And as for the cat hotel, we have staff to look after them for 24 hours. We also have a vet who takes care of them as well, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

MyFriend would like to thank Suwapas ‘Phu Sukontaborpitr that agreed to share these insights about Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat – a hooman cafe and cat hotel with us, and for taking such good care of our feline friends. From their physical to their mental health, aiming for a hooman and cat community, to the delicious snacks and high quality coffee. This place has open arms to those looking for a Cat-Friendly area, or those simply looking for a space to read a book! Also, a little birdie told us that they’re opening up the Grooming section soon as well! Phu went to take the course all by himself!

If you’re interested in visiting Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat, check out their Facebook: Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat & Instagram: @cathabits.bkk

📍 Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat

480/52 Phetchaburi Rd,

Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Tel. 082-624-0739

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