10 Cat sleeping positions and their meaning

Cat parents love their adorable fur babies. From the little “meows” they give you when you arrive home, to the purring they do when you guys cuddle. 😻 As a pawrent, you probably know that cats sleep up to 18 hours a day, or even more at times! 

There’s probably nothing cuter than a cat dozing off. But have you ever wondered what each of their sleeping positions means? 🥱💤 Let’s find out! 

Curled up – is probably the most common position you’ll find your pet in. This position keeps them warm and cozy while allowing them to protect their tummy! (AKA where all their vital organs are!)

Belly up – means your feline friend trusts you with their gut (literally)! It’s the epitome of relaxation and security.

Loafing – when your cat tucks all of their little paws underneath them protects their body heat and vital organs! It means they’re relaxed but ready to fight if they need to. 🍞

Sideways – probably just means they’re taking a cat nap. Similar to the loafing position, this means they’re chilling but they’re also ready for any incoming action. 

Sitting Upright – don’t you love it when they hang out in this position? They look like a fellow hooman! This position means they feel comfortable and safe since their belly is exposed!

On top of you – well well well, look at you! Congratulations, because this officially means they are bonded to you, and they want a little extra quality time with you 

Next to you – even if they’re not on top of you, if your feline friend is sleeping next to you: it means they want a little extra warmth from your love! 😽💖

Paws over eyes – is definitely on the top of our Awwwwww-list! This position means they’re in a comfortable position, but the light might be a little too much for their eyes 👀🙈

One eye open, one eye closed – or when they sleep with their eyes half open and half closed is when they’ve just started dozing off! They’re still in between the realm of reality and dreams!

In a cardboard box – cats love cozy corners! Ever bought toys for them and they ended up liking the box more? Being in these spaces makes them feel secure, safe, and happy! It’s like the box is giving them a hug 🤗

Cats are creatures that require a lot of sleep, and they’re the most alert during the brink of dawn! They are hunters packaged as mini cheetahs. So naturally, their predatory instincts are still intact. This can explain why they have the half-asleep, half-ready-to-pounce poses! Which of these positions do your cats love the most? 💭

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