The 4 dogs that saved human lives

Known as “Man’s Best Friend” dogs are really a hooman’s most trusted companion. Not just because of the thousands of years of domestication and conditioning, but it’s also because of the familial bond between us and our furry friends. A tie that can determine between life and death. 

Let’s take a look at these inspiring friends who saved lives! 


Photo credits: Delta Animal Shelter

Peanut is a three-year-old stray that lives in the Delta Animal Shelter. When she was found, she had two broken legs, a belly full of carpet, and broken ribs. All of these injuries were separate, which means she was suffering for a long while. She was eventually adopted by a nice family! One day, Peanut was running around the house while barking loudly, in an attempt to communicate and guide her hoomans to the little 3-year-old girl who was naked and curled up into a ball by the ditch behind their backyard. After informing the authorities, they were able to save the three-year-old girl, alongside another girl who was also being abused in the same household. 


Photo credits: Roselle the 9/11 Guide Dog

The gentle pitbull saved her veteran dad Senior David Sharpe in a fragile moment. Sharpe suffered from undiagnosed PTSD and depression. On that day, he was sitting on his kitchen floor holding his .45 caliber, “ready to finish the fight with the demons that followed me back from the war,” then Cheyenne came to sit right next to him, and licked his ear. This seemingly small act made Sharpe laugh out loud, and realize that he has a purpose and a reason to continue living. From then on, Cheyenne became Sharpe’s unofficial therapy dog.


Photo credits: Roselle the 9/11 Guide Dog

The cream-colored Labrador who is Michael Hingson’s guide dog and her blind handler was in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Roselle lead Hingson to exit the building, before helping another 31 lives escape the cloud of dust.


Photo credits:

Clover, a German Shepherd mixed Maremma Sheepdog has never been trained as a seizure dog. On one snowy day, Haley Moore (Clover’s mom) collapsed during their walk. Clover then ran into the streets to stop oncoming traffic and ask for help. To this day, the cause of Moore’s seizure is unknown, but she reported back to CTV News as “If this ends up happening again, I feel 10 times safer and I know she will be there for me. You know how good animals are and she’s a really amazing dog and I love her to death” 

While most of us think that taking in a furry friend is an act of service to help better the quality of their lives, the opposite is also true. Our pets also have the ability to save our lives as well. Whether it would be life-threatening events like we’ve mentioned, small gestures like wagging their tails when they see us, to even a simple hug after a rough day. Love is a two-way street, and the love we give our pets is also returned to us as well! 

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