What you should know before adopting a pet during the holidays

The idea of having a pet is exciting. Combine that with the magical atmosphere of the holiday season, and the temptation to get a pet to give all of your love & care can be hard to resist!

People who have previously had a fluffy friend will know that adopting a pet is so much more than just providing food, water, and shelter. It’s about providing them emotional support, as well as being there for them when they need you most. Our pets are another valued part of the family! With the busy holiday season here, make sure to consider all the pros and cons before welcoming a new friend.

The joys of adopting a pet during the holidays

This time of the year is all about celebrating. It is about sharing happiness between your friends and family, so adopting a pet can feel like the right move. You can save their lives and provide them with a loving, fur-ever home! It can be fulfilling, knowing that you give a new opportunity to friends that have been neglected. 

📅 Holidays mean more time off from work and daily responsibilities – whatever that might look like for you. This also means that you have more time to get to know your new furry friend! You can rest easy, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the comforts of your own home. All while creating a strong bond between you and your new friend! 

🐱 Adopting a pet during this time can be an additional help in reducing your stress and helping with your relaxation. It can be a break from your stressful lifestyle routine, heavy schedules, and responsibilities.

🐾 A new fur baby can help to strengthen relationships between family members. Taking care of the new member lets you spend more quality time together! Simple things like showing affection or taking them for a walk can help unify the whole family. It could be a little bit difficult for some pets at the beginning, especially if you adopt a senior pet or those who need a little extra tender, love, and care. But if you take good care of them throughout the holidays, they will surely adjust!

👪 If you have children, having pets in the house can help teach & establish a routine. It’s also a great way to introduce responsibilities into the household. Having pets forces you to develop routine and responsibility toward your pet – such as taking them for a walk, feeding food and water, or bathing them at a scheduled time. It can teach your children the real responsibilities and commitments you must face while taking care of a pet. 

What you should know before adopting a pet during the holidays

The holiday seasons are also the time when most people go on their vacation! Home can be a little boring, so spicing things up with a change of scenery is a common activity. There is not enough time for pet parents to create a bond with their pets for those who are likely to travel during the holidays. So, it would be a better idea to adopt a pet when everyone in the family can be home. 

🙀 Pets need a daily routine because it helps them with a sense of security. The holidays can be a hectic time where you spend your day celebrating, then the other day decorating, and then the other day visiting your friends or family. So much is going on, and there might be more people going in and out of your home, resulting in chaos! This might be too much for your new pet to handle. Having a daily structure for your pet when they just get into a new home is important. They offer stability, reassurance, trust, and comfort. 

🐶 Surprising your friend and family with a pet during the holidays can be very tempting but it is highly not recommended. Soon-to-be pawrents need to form that connection with the pet and consider their readiness to adopt themselves before deciding to adopt them. Giving a pet as a present can result in many pet parents not being able to establish a connection and returning them to a shelter. Here are some surprising statistics about pets during Christmas! 

While gifting your loved one with an adorable pet during the holidays can be magical, parenting a pet requires commitment and high responsibility. Research and thoughtful consideration are recommended before welcoming your pet into a new home and if you are not sure you can take full care of them during the holidays, try adopting them after you’ve settled into your normal schedules.

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