XMAS Items for our fluffy friends!

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, these are just the things I need 🎶

Don’t close this article just yet because you’re annoyed by this song! Let’s see what our friends really want this Christmas! 

🤶 During this Jolly Season, other than the must-listen song  “All I Want for Christmas is you” song from Mariah, our pets also have their must-haves for this season! Whether that would be food, utilities, or toys! Let’s check out all these items that were especially paw-picked for you and your furry friends.

MyFriend’s PAW picks!

Supercoat Dog Food Adult Dog Food Beef Flavor

Filled with high quality protein from the best meat there is! 

All while giving them the healthiest fur and skin

As well as boosting their immune system and digestive track all throughout the festive season!

GiGwi Red Gladiator Super Hero Doll

A superhero doll that makes noise when squeezed 

This gladiator is durable towards the roughest pups! Enjoyable all year round.

Let the little ones unleash all of their energy, so they don’t destroy the pretty Christmas tree! 

Hercules Wet Food for Dogs

Spoil your dog with wet food specially made for dogs!

Build up their muscles with this protein-packed meal, while nourishing their skin, coat, and helping their digestive system.

With extra Krill Oil for the biggest brain and brightest eyes!

JerHigh Chicken and Spinach Flavored Snack Sticks

Fool your pup into doing awesome tricks in front of your friends and family!

With the irresistible real chicken scent, and there’s also over 18 types of vitamins & minerals! 

Also great for your furry friend’s metabolism.

Hana Pet Joy Soothing Skin Shampoo

Bathe your trusted companion in this minty fresh shampoo that’s perfect for this jolly season! 

With this 100% Organic Shampoo that’s made to reduce itchiness and red bumps.

Carefully look after your pets skin and coat!

Kaniva Cat Food Salmon, Tuna and Rice Formula

Nourish your kitty so they stay happy and healthy!

Filled with Omega 3 & 6 

So you can show off their silky & shiny coat during any event!

Catory Peach Scented Bentonite Cat Litter

Stop the unwanted scent before any guests arrive for the Christmas Party! 

With cat litter made from 100% Bentonite clay, worry not about clumping, 

and rid your minds of any concern when it comes to the scent!

GiGwi Cat Toy with Sound, Ladybug Shaped

Destress your feline friend before strangers come into the house!

This Lady Bug toy also has sound!

Let your kitty get back in touch with their wild side.

Bearing Cat Shampoo for Dry and Sensitive Skin


Shower your cat to wash away the bad things, and welcome the new year!

With this special shampoo that’s delicate to your kitty’s skin and fur. 

All while moisturizing their skin!

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