End-of-year celebration ideas with your pet

Only one blink and another year have passed us by! We love celebrating these special moments with every member of our family, and this includes our furry friends as well!  Wrap up this eventful year by celebrating with your beloved pet. 🐾

Spend some quality time together with your fur baby this jolly season. Not sure what to do? Here are some end-of-year celebration ideas that we’ve picked out for you! 

📸 Photo with your paw friends

We know your camera roll is full of photos of your pet! But have you had the chance to take photos together? What better way to celebrate and collect memories than getting a professional family portrait done? Capture special moments with your furry friends this year, and maybe every year! Turn this into a tradition where you and your pet get together for an end-of-the-year photoshoot for the cutest, most wholesome Christmas cards to send to your friends and family! MyFriend recommends the following studios in Bangkok, that are super pet-friendly and professional! 

🎅 Dressing up your furry friends

Get your pets in the holiday spirit by getting them cute accessories or holiday-themed outfits. You can include your pets in end-of-year celebrations with a simple red tie, gold or green ribbon, Santa Hat, or even dressing your pet up a little like a present. You and your pet can get excited together with a new adorable outfit, however, remember not to dress your pet in an uncomfortable outfit – a tight outfit or ribbon. If you find that they’re protesting this by refusing to move and a negative shift in mood, pick out a cute and fun holiday-themed collar instead! 

🎄 Exploring the festive decorations

A walk is one of those things your pet looks forward to every day. You can walk your pet to explore the installing spectacular holiday light shows, which both you and your pet get to enjoy. With this, you can walk your pet to your neighborhood’s Christmas decorations, let them smell new things, and do exercise for you both at the same time. However, make sure to keep an eye on your pets for any poisonous plants or decorating items that can endanger them. 

🧭 Traveling with your pets

Another way you and your pet can spend quality time together is to go on a road trip together! 🚗 You can take your pet to the beach where they can play with the water and the sand., 🏖️ or the mountains where they can roam around freely ⛰️.  If you are worried about how to travel with your pet, we are here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about traveling with your pet.

🎁 Spoiling your pet with gifts

You plan to wrap up this year with celebrating spirits, so get your pet in the same spirit by spoiling them with their new gifts and treats. Surprise them with new toys, beds, or favorite treats for being a good companion throughout the whole year. 

📽️ Holiday-themed movie 

Put your pajamas on, grab yourself and your pet some treats, snuggle up on the couch, and put your holiday-themed movie on. You can spend your day relaxing and bonding with your pet and if you do not know what movie to watch, here are the 5 Christmas movies for pet lovers we picked.

We believe that our pets are a very important and beloved part of the family! Strengthen your bond with them throughout this festive season. 🎄 Try out these celebration ideas and let us know what is your favorite! 💭

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