Meet MyFriends! Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe with Narawut ‘Nikki’ Limpanonda

Living in a big city like Bangkok, you can’t help but need a small getaway at times. All the traffic, noises, and smells can make us forget what it’s like to just stop and smell the roses. 🌹 City dwellers can’t help but wonder… What’s life like, outside of this city that never sleeps? 

Ever want to spend time in a cute little cafe that reminds you of life outside the big concrete jungle? Well, today’s your day! MyFriend is taking you all to this hidden gem we’ve found in the Watthana area. In this quiet neighborhood, you can find a peaceful cafe called Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe 🐰 where you will meet the youngest barista we’ve ever met, Narawut ‘Nikki’ Limpanonda (who’s only 14)! And you might get to meet some chickens as well! 🐓

Please introduce yourself and the café

Hi, my name is Nikki, I run the Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe. It’s a specialty coffee shop in Pridi 26. 

How long has the cafe been opened for?

Right now, it’s been running for roughly around 3 months. 

The inspiration for opening this rabbit cafe (usually, there’s a dog and cat cafe but not rabbits!)

So I have a rabbit at home, and she has a very bad habit of biting all of my Apple cables in the morning she’ll jump up and run around on my bed, so it’s quite a bad habit. So that’s the reason why we named it Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe, and I really like specialty coffee, it’s a fascinating world, so I had the idea of opening up the cafe because, we used to let people rent out this space, and some of them recently moved out, so I had the idea to just “why not open one up?”

Any rules pet parents should adhere to?

We don’t really have any rules, I guess just have a good time 🙂

Best-selling or recommended menus

In fact, we have a specialty coffee. It’s a pour-over, so instead of extracting a super harsh and intense espresso, it’ll be a pour-over so it’ll be more tea-like and it’ll bring out the sweetness and acidity of the coffee. Kenya from the roaster, Varinda is a must-try if you come here. We also have our signature drink, it’s like a Caffe Shakerato. Double expresso poured over sweetener, and we also add a little bit of salt water to just curb the bitterness of the drink, and we shake it up so you have a super thick head, and it’s served in a martini glass.

Anything else you would like to add to the audience 

We would really like you to come to check us out! We have our Instagram: @bad_habit_rabbit_cafe and Facebook: Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe.

MyFriend would like to thank Narawut ‘Nikki’ Limpanonda for welcoming us into the cafe with a warm welcome, friendly smiles, and yummy drinks! We have to say, the amount of hospitality we’ve received from the Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe family is immense, and we’re so glad to have found this hidden gem in the heart of the city. If you’re a pet parent, or just a coffee lover looking for a little getaway for the day, don’t forget to add Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe to your list of places to visit! This cafe is purrfect for pet lovers, who also love delicate and delicious drinks – a place born from a hobby, that evolved into a passion, then turned into a reality!

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