Why does my cat need a scratching surface?

Every household with a feline friend will be familiar with furniture being destroyed. This classic problem is familiar to all of us cat lovers! Whether it would be a ruined couch, ripped blankets, or even curtains that have turned into strands of thread… Because of their sharp and fierce claws that are ready to destroy everything! Most of these issues will disappear if your cat has a scratching tree, because they’ll get to unleash all of their natural predatory instincts to the fullest! 

Scratching or scraping behaviour is what cats do to mark their territory, with the added benefits of sharpening their claws and stretching their whole body. It’s their natural instinct, with the main function of claiming their area. Every time they scratch, their scent is left on the surface! If you let them scratch the furniture continuously with no cat tree for your furry friend, be prepared for your things to be shredded to pieces! 

This is when cat-scratching toys come in handy! Instead of having your furniture or belongings destroyed by your beloved pet, your cat will turn to these toys to unleash their natural instincts instead, so your home will be nice and tidy. 

Cat scratchers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether that would be a flat surface you simply place on the floor or a vertical pole you can place in the corner of your living room, it can also just be a part of the giant cat condo you’ve gotten your kitty! There are also various mentally stimulating toys you can pick and choose for your little one. Here are some tips on how to pick the best scratching accessories for your pet. 

Tips on picking the right scratching surface for your cat

  • Take notice of which kind of scratching your feline likes to indulge in. Some friends like vertical posts, some like horizontal ones, and some like all of them! If that’s the case, there are also options there for you that covers all directions of scratching! 
  • Pick a post that is longer than your cat’s body. Since your feline friends use this to stretch out their muscles, a vertical scratching post or cat condo of at least 90cm will be purrrfect for most cats! If you have smaller friends, (Munchkins) or bigger friends (Maine Coons or Abyssinian), you might want to dig a little deeper to find the perfect pole. 
  • If you’re looking for a cat condo or a scratching pole, pick one with a sturdy base that is wide enough. You have to ensure it’s stable, so your furry friend won’t fall off! Wobbly cat trees are dangerous. 
  • Scratching trees are made from various materials, pick ones that your friend will enjoy the most! Most products on the market are made from corrugated paper, sisal fabric, or tightly wound sisal rope.

Now you know what kind of scratching post your cat would love, feel free to browse our MyFriend Shop!

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