Meet MyFriends! Waii and the Cuties Crew!

Many of us have a soft spot for furry friends. Pets bring joy and companionship to our lives, but with so many animals in need of a loving and forever home, it’s important to consider adopting friends instead of purchasing them.

MyFriend is so excited to bring you all an exclusive interview with Panyarisa ‘Waii’ Thienprasit and her adorable Maltipoo called Daisy! 🌼 Not only that, but we were also joined by over 4 of her dogs, Koko & Keke, Smoothie, and Casper! From ragged strays with different paths, they have walked, and turned into pampered pooches surrounded by love! Let’s take a look into their wholesome journey as a big family in this article!

Please introduce yourself and your beloved pets

Hey guys! It’s Waii. Today Daisy is here with us!

Can you tell us the story of each beloved pet?

Right now I have 7 pets! Keke Koko, which was from The Voice Foundation.

My mom loves following charities and foundations related to animals, rescuing them or adoption, and she fell in love with The Voice Foundation because of the two dogs we adopted from them. Which are Koko and Keke.

🐕🐕 The Voice Foundation had people contacting them, saying they found these two in a national park in Khon Kaen. In the photos, they were all shabby and their fur was full of mud. They were also tiny! Then, they were the same size but their fur was all wet because they were in the rain.

When my mom sent the photos, I felt so much compassion for them. They were so cute and I felt like oh my god! I want to care for them. Then we heard that Koko and Keke were going to be separated! One to one family, the other to the next, my mom then said okay, let them stay together with us. That’s how Koko and Keke became part of our family.

🐕 And then there’s Smoothie. Smoothie came to us! My mom used to have a cafe around the house, then Smoothie started stopping by often. There were little thorns on the body so my mom took it out. We think Smoothie might’ve gotten lost. But Smoothie ended up hanging at the cafe all the time, sleeping in front of the place until one-day mom decided to take smoothie home with us! But not to live, just to visit. That’s how it started, as a visit that never ended.

🌼 Daisy came from Korea! I was so lucky to find a Facebook post where Daisy’s old owner helped a puppy from Korea, but they were living in a condo, and the juristic caught them. That’s why they needed a new home for her. I saw her and thought yes! I’ll take care of her for you.

Daisy wasn’t well when we first met. She was only 300 grams in weight, so small, even the vet was scared that they will accidentally hurt her, she was so fragile. We found out that she was anemic, had coronary heart disease, and her tear ducts were smaller than usual.

The vet said she was really malnourished, her size should’ve been much bigger. When you touched her, she was all bones. So we quickly gave her treatment, and tried to find a new diet plan for her; 5 meals a day. She ate bit by bit until she finally recovered. Now she’s all healthy! Except for her little tear ducts. But I’m not ready for the surgery just yet.

🐾 And there’s Casper! Someone gave us Casper. A super cute Pomeranian but a Pom that is… Don’t want to be a bully but very chonky! Usually, Poms are usually 3-4 kg right? Ours is 10kg. 10kg, yes. When Casper breathes it’s like hekhekhek like a sound. We have to try to give easy-to-digest food.

😸 We also have 2 cats. Marie and Chippy. I’ve never had a cat before because my mom’s a dog lover, so I’ve only seen dogs growing up. Every time we go out, we would have dog and cat snacks, so when we see strays we can feed them.

Around that time, our neighbor had gotten stray kittens left in front of their house. They haven’t even opened their eyes yet. They were left in a bag, all 6 of them I think. Every day after I return from university, I’ll bring some treats and food for them. But then there was one day, I was so excited to see them, but when I arrived, there were no kittens left… Why aren’t the 6 kittens there? I was so confused and tried to recollect myself, like what happened?

I found a white kitten in the bushes making this faint meow. A very faint and small meow… so I took her home. My dad was in his office and I said

“I don’t care what you guys are gonna say, but I’m keeping this kitten! We’re going to the vet right now!”

Usually my parents would let me, but they’ll talk to me first. But I think this time, my dad saw how serious I was, and how bad the kitten’s shape was. So we headed to the vet at that moment, and we named her Chippy!

😸 Because I’ve never had a cat before, when they’re in heat, they will leave the house, right? That’s what happened, that’s what Chippy did. Left then came back. A few months went by and I was like why are her nipples so pink… I searched the internet and the first thing it said was she’s pregnant, 100%. I didn’t believe it so I took her to the vet and they said “oh, we see 4 kittens!” I also helped her give birth!

It was around Songkran and I wasn’t there. The vet said I could leave her but as cats are, they wait for their trusted humans to give birth, a safe space for them. And she really waited for me. I came back and took her home, and she gave birth. There were 4 kittens, B1, B2, Marie, and Felix. But sadly, B1 B2, and Felix passed away. Now Marie is left!

🦝 Another pet I’d want to talk about is a Raccoon. A lot of you are probably like, how? Is it legal? You can do that in Thailand? But I confirm, it’s legal, and in Thailand, we can’t get wild raccoons, they are really pets here. But we have to find them in places that breed them and that’s how you can get them. I do have to explain that I love raccoons. I really like them! One day, I went to a raccoon cafe in Korea and I actually touched one. It felt like love at first sight, so when I came back, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I thought there weren’t any here, but I stumbled upon P’Beer’s Cafe, Little Zoo Cafe which also has raccoons!

I wanted one so badly and she told me, if they have babies, she will give me one, so I said yes! That’s how we got T-Rex. T-Rex’s parents are also from Canada.

Would you consider yourself a dog or cat person? 

Oh my goddd, before, if I had to choose, I’d say I love dogs. But now that I have both, I love them both! But if I really had to pick…I don’t want to pick… I’m scared they’ll be sad.

MyFriend: So you’re a Raccoon Person?

Yes, I’m a Raccoon Person.

MyFriend: You can also pick from your own personality as well!

If that’s the case then I’m like dogs. Because I love my family and friends, cats also love family, but they have their own kind of independence. But I’m not really like that. 

You have so many pets, what are you most afraid of?

Scared that my things will be destroyed, because T-Rex can open wardrobes, doors, and fridges, and he can hold bottles. Stealing money! Yes. He doesn’t know it’s money but he sees us touching our wallets all the time, so he’ll play with us that way. He’ll also take food he wants to eat, he’ll open the fridge and throw the grape box and just grab them to snack on.

But because I did my research before bringing him in, I knew he could act this way. I knew that if I took him in, there will be these behaviors and that I have to prepare for them when he comes into our home. I want to let everyone know that you really must be prepared, no matter what kind of pet, you have to do your research and accept that there’s a lot of time commitment involved.

What are some of your favorite activities together?

We love eating together. Dogs eat and hoomans eat, and vice versa. At the same time, right baby?

Any advice for people who want to adopt a new friend?

I want to let everyone know that, every dog, cat, or any pet that doesn’t have a home, doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with them. A lot of people I talk to thinks that if they’re in a shelter or finding new homes, something must be wrong with the pets. That’s not the case at all. There might be an event that happened where the previous owners can’t continue caring for them.

For those who want to buy dogs or other animals, keep in mind that there are so many animals without homes. Whether that would be stray dogs, stray cats, or even squirrels. We can really help them, just by giving them love and understanding. I want you to reconsider adoption, after accepting them into your home, they’ll be your friends for life! They really know, these little guys, that we helped them.

Would you like to say something to the audience?

I think I’m seeing a trend where… every pet of mine brings me so much joy. Daisy and everyone else helps me, from a person who would get sad at times and had no one to talk to, some things I don’t want to tell my parents, I can tell them. They’ll always listen. In Thailand, animal therapy isn’t really a thing yet. Support dogs, or support animals that help with our mental health, I really wish it became more popular here. I believe that many people can benefit from this. There was a time when I was scared to leave the house, but after they came into my life, I became more confident. I can be your case study! I really wish it was a thing here.

MyFriend would like to say, interviewing Waii was an absolute pleasure. It was truly heartwarming to see the deep bond and love that everyone has shared, and how eye-opening it was to hear about all the adventures and antics they have all shared! 💖 These little friends are truly lucky to have such caring parents, and there is no question that they bring so much love and joy into the lives of their hooman friends. 🐶🦝🐱

Thank you to Pet Studio Bangkok who went out of their way to photograph these gorgeous images and Bad Habit Rabbit Cafe for being kind enough to let us film at their cafe!

We hope this interview has inspired aspiring pet parents to consider adopting before any other option, and that you’ve gotten an insight into the lives of this wholesome family! Thank you for joining us and we can’t wait to bring more interviews with amazing pets and their trusted hoomans!

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