Call me by my pet name: Creative Ideas for Your Pet Names

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a pet parent is naming your pet! Some of you might already have favorite names before you’ve even seen your fur baby. But for those of you who are totally blanking out, MyFriend is here to help!

Before we start, there are a few tips you need to know before naming a pet. The name should be:

  • Short, simple, and easy for your pet to remember. It might be a diffuclt name to call if it is longer than 3 syllables.
  • Different from training cues or commands. Examples of cues would be: sit, stay, and stop.
  • Sound different from other pets in your house.

Keep these key elements in mind and find the right name for your pet below!


A person’s name is the simplest to think of. If you don’t have a favorite name in mind, look for your favorite person’s name. They can be your favorite musician, author, athlete, or even Greek philosophers! These are some examples of guaranteed chic pet names: Mozart, Neymar, Oscar, or Plato! Try classic Thai names like Somsak, Somchai, Parnward, and Jitdee. These are just some quirky & adorable ideas! 🤓


“Fortune names” or “Lucky names” are very popular among believers! Some might name their pet for wealth and fortune. Money currency names are very popular in Thailand. For example, Dollar ($), Euro (€), or Satang (a subdivision of Thai currency). Pick the type of luck you’re hoping for and manifest it every time you call for your pet!


Take a good look around you and you will find so many good names! Just look up at the sky and you will get names like Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Sky, Skylar, Misty, or all the stars in the solar system. These are such fun names for your new baby! If you are into nature, names like River, Peak, Earthy, or Clay are good choices too! 🌲🌅


There are too many delicious dishes and drinks for you to taste and name your pet after! Your favorite food, desserts, or beverages can be good choices for your pet’s name. For example, Penne, Milo, Bingsu, Choco, etc. Just remember: Don’t accidentally taste your friends! 😜


If you don’t like any of these names, find answers in another language! Some names or words may seem boring and basic in your own language, but it could sound super cute in another language! Wooyu (우유), for example, is a Korean word for milk, and Maru (丸) is a Japanese word for circle. 😍

A small note: You should probably stay away from names that might be offensive in your language and others. Positive vibes only!


Pop culture has so many names to offer. Name your pet after your favorite characters, movies, animations, celebrities, artists, or locations. Even just looking for names could be fun! Feel free to binge that series in one night for “research.” Just an example, Kylo from The Force Awakens (Ren works too!) or Gamora from The Guardians of the Galaxy – These are super cute & fun!

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