How our pets fulfill our lives

Anyone with a furry friend can agree how much these wonderful creatures can improve our quality of life both physically and mentally. Waking up to affectionate cues like cuddles and kisses in the morning, or even coming home to wagging tails and excited jumps might seem like small moments, but they make up a big part of our happiness. Ever wonder how our pets fulfill our lives so much? Let’s find out! 🥰

Happy Routine

Having a pet brings more structure to our otherwise chaotic schedule! Even if nothing in your day is going according to plan, you’ll know that at least you have that joyful routine with your little paw friend. You can exercise with them daily when you take them out for a walk or chase them down around the house!  No matter what mood you’re in, you’ll need to get out of bed to care for your pet! Having a consistent routine doesn’t just keep your pet happy and healthy, but for yourself as well.

Stronger Heart

Believe it or not, simple gestures like petting your fur babies can lower your heart rate! Spending quality time with our pets helps reduce our blood pressure level and risk of getting heart disease. Studies show that patients who have a history of heart conditions and are pet owners tend to live longer than patients without pets! 💪

Stable Mind & Mood

The human body releases happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine whenever pets are around. These hormones are linked to our positive emotional state, known as the ‘love hormone.’ A simple gaze between you and your pet produces a significant increase in these hormones, in both of you as well! So your friend also gets to be happier and less stressed. ❤️

Making More New Friends

According to several studies, people with pets tend to be more social! Pets aid us in social situations and help us create friendships with ease because they are the cutest little ice-breakers! They bring people together, but they also prevent us from falling into the despair of loneliness, in times of loneliness!  Because taking them for their daily walks is crucial, pet parents have a higher chance of getting acquainted with the neighbors compared to non-pet parents. In return, having a like-minded social circle is very beneficial for our health. Just another reason for you to get a pet to care for!

“Better Life… Together”

Our little furry friends provide us with countless health and mood-boosting benefits, they help us to simply feel good in so many unexpected ways. Caring for a pet brings immense pleasure and optimism to our daily lives. Just as W.R. Purcheonce said:

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none of them are wrong.”

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