Meet MyFriends! Julien with Toby & Desty

It’s natural to want the best for your fur babies, from choosing the right toys to picking the right foods, making sure they’re well-taken care of is every pet parent’s duty! Being a pet parent comes with its own unique set of challenges. From the fear of not knowing what could happen to your furry friend to unpredictability and uncertainty, pet owner anxiety is a very real phenomenon!

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to meet Julien Hervillard a cat dad with two adorable feline friends called Toby and Desty! Let’s get to know his first-hand experience of being a proud father of two, while he shares his insights on the importance of protecting your pet.

Please introduce yourself and your furry friends! 

My name is Julien, I’m 25 and I have two cats. Desty is a female, a Scottish… Scottish Fold…But it doesn’t fold… Scottish Straight hahaha. And there’s also Toby, I’ve got him for 4 years now.

They look so happy and healthy! Any caring tips

Honestly, regular vet visits. When there are vaccine appointments. You have to keep up with it. Yearly health checkups as well. Honestly, I didn’t want to get insurance, I thought “why buy one?” you know. I ended up buying it because it was cheap. Just in case, for both of them. Cats get sick easily, unlike dogs. I take them to the hospital quite often because of this, the vet said they’re easily irritated, one that goes often. I didn’t prepare anything and the cost was quite high. I was so glad I had the insurance, so at least I get the money back and it [the insurance plan] was cheap, so it was really worth it.

The event that made you feel like Pet Insurance is necessary 

The white one, Toby, had skin fungus all over. He came from the breeder like that and so I took him to the vet. I kept him there for a week and it was 30 – 40 thousand baht. So I felt like oh, the fees were high, and I was shocked. I didn’t know it was that expensive. If there are any issues, we should get insurance. They’re like our kids.

Have you ever claimed before? Was the process complicated?

Honestly, I’ve brought them to many hospitals. After the vets, we have to ask for the receipt right? Then ask for the medical details of the case. So the insurance will understand what happened. I waited around a week to two weeks for the reimbursement. How fast it is, depends. If we send in everything fast, it’ll be fast. Just send all the documents they request. I sent in my bank number and name. Not too long after that, I got the reimbursement back.

What happened to Toby?

What he has, it’s a very rare condition. Toby also seemed easily annoyed, and he’ll act out like he’s irritable. I noticed that he was easily aggravated, he was shaking and he would lick his back often. Did some research and thought “this must be it.” Then watched some YouTube videos of cats with the same condition. Went to the vet and they said it was likely, then lots of scans happened. Bloodwork, MRI scans, and another 30 – 40 thousand baht, just for checkups. Not even the treatments. It’s a condition that affects the spine, he’s like an elderly cat. Brittle bones and such as well. I didn’t prepare anything. I didn’t know, and suddenly I found out! We haven’t gotten the results yet so we aren’t 100% sure

Any advice to those who are also cat parents? 

Before you take them in, you have to be ready. They require a lot. Honestly, the vet, and vaccines, are already a lot of expenses. Imagine if your cat is sick and you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to pay a lot. The treatment might be too expensive, and that’s very difficult. The future’s unpredictable. They might be playing, then their bones fracture, you never know. Cats are a lot of work, there’s cat litter, there are lots of supplies, grooming, and all that. You need a lot of capital. Insurance helps you relax when there are unexpected events.

MyFriend would like to thank Julien with Toby & Desty for welcoming us into their homes while sacrificing their time to let us interview them! Wanting the best for your fur babies is a natural instinct of all pet parents. Julien has taken this a step further by protecting Toby & Desty with an insurance plan that provides care for his precious fur babies!

We hope that this interview has given all pet parents some insights into researching and looking further into pet insurance and its importance! Rather than worrying about financial constraints, free your mind and spend quality time with your furry friends while feeling secure. Thank you again, to Julien with Toby & Desty for sharing their experience and insights with us today!

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