Why pets make us so happy! Pawrent guide to happy hormones!

Ever wonder why we get butterflies in our stomachs when we see our loved ones sometimes? Or why do we feel such a sense of trust after a good hug? What exactly is the thing that drives us to get out there and find ‘the one’?

Some people may say that it’s destiny, and they might be right, but there’s more to it than mere fate! The biochemical reaction in our brains are the best matchmakers out there. These chemicals might be the reason why we spout phrases like “I cannot wait, I’m yours!” a little too soon.

The feeling of love, trust, and happiness comes from over four chemicals!

These happy hormones dictate how we look at our spouses, children, pets, parents, and even friends!


Has many names, a few examples would be “love hormone, cuddle chemical, hug hormone” Oxytocin is all about deep connection. It’s released when mothers give birth, breastfeed, or even when you and your loved ones simply spend quality time together. It can make us feel connected to each other whether we’re in a romantic arrangement or even in parent-child relationships. This hormone is also released when we pet our furry friends.

Did you know?
Every time you smile at your furry companion, their level of Oxytocin increases and yours does as well! Same as our pets, we release this ‘cuddle hormone’ when we hug, touch, or look into someone’s eyes with affection! 


Ever heard of hopeless romantics being so in love they can’t eat or sleep? Well, there’s a scientific explanation for that, and we have Dopamine to thank! Dopamine is a hormone of happiness and pleasure – making us feel energetic and euphoric. It can also suppress our ability to sleep and also our appetite, so our loved-up friends aren’t just being dramatic, they’re just really happy! Produced in the hypothalamus, it’s the brain’s way of giving us rewards when we accomplish anything. We get a boost of this chemical when we’re playing with our pets too. That’s why belly rubs are so addictive to give!


Is a vital neurotransmitter that helps us with our social behavior, mood, appetite, desire, and even digestion! Serotonin reduces blood pressure and lower heart rates. It makes us feel less anxiety and depression. Just petting our paw friends can release this hormone and it makes us feel calmer and be in a better mood!

Did you know?
Serotonin levels actually drop during the early stages of attraction with a romantic encounter! Because the body perceives this as a “stressful” situation, our cortisol level rises (stress hormone) and makes our serotonin levels drop.

This is why we get so many butterflies in our stomachs, sweaty palms, and overall nervousness around our new crush!


The name might sound familiar to many people. Endorphins are usually related to exercising or eating spicy food, which can make us feel better after enduring some pain! Since they bind to our opioid receptors, the release of endorphins can reduce pain, help with pain perception management, and also lower our heart rate. When our brains release so much endorphins, it can also increase our release of dopamine as well! Interacting with our pets can boost our endorphins and make us feel extra energetic, happy, and motivated!

Feeling down? Give your pet some extra cuddles, love, and attention! Not only they’ll appreciate it, but your brain will also release these happy hormones all over. Bond with your pet while you boost your own mood as well! It’s a win-win.

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