Dogkery Cakes: pup-proved cakes for this Valentine’s!

As certified pet parents, we all know that our beloved furry friends can’t eat all of our favorite sweets and desserts, like chocolate or ice-creams! They’re filled with delicious fats and sugar that can be extremely harmful to them.

And we know you’re thinking, “But it’s the season of love and we crave sweetness! Is there really nothing we can do?!” Don’t worry fellow friends, MyFriend’s got your back!

Whether you’re a single, couple, or a recently heart-broken pawrent, you can celebrate this Valentine’s with your beloved pup! With an all-natural cake that’s vet-certified by Dogkery.

Dogkery is a brand full of yummy baked goods, treats, biscuits, and birthday cakes all made for your beloved pup! Plus, they’re also 100% all-natural vet-approved formulas, so they’re safe and packed full of healthy ingredients for your furry friend. Homemade products that are packaged in clean and modern packaging, sprinkled with love, are ready to be sent to you, your pup, or your kitty cat!

Other than their main ingredients, they also have oven-dried and freeze-dried snacks! As well as packaged frozen meals, and even supplements for both feline friends and good doggos. Pet parents can also get customized birthday cakes for their fur babies too!

Photo credit: Dogkery

Dogkery Birthday Cakes for your 4-legged friends! Despite the title of “Birthday Cakes,” you can get a cake for any occasion! Including Valentine’s day. The cake does not contain any butter, sugar, vegetable oil, or any additional additives. Pawrents can pick the main ingredients to make sure the little ones will absolutely fall head over tail for this cake! Whether that would be the cake, topping, or any decoration, the options are endless. There’s also a service for personalizing the cake to make it extra unique as well, so feel free to include the most awwdorable message or even a little portrait of your furry companion. The price depends on the size and main ingredient of the cake (1 Pound cake starts at 820 THB, and 2 Pounds start at 1,050 THB).

Main ingredients of the cake that you can pick from include: Yoghurt, Pork Liver, Red Tilapia Fish, Salmon, Beef, Chicken, Duck, or Goat! Top the delicious cake off with fruits or vegetables that your furry companion enjoys, whether Apples, Blueberries, Bananas, Strawberries, Honey, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, and many other various goodies, Dogkery’s got you!

If your pet is still staring at the same old food bowl with those lonesome eyes during this Valentine’s day, surprise them with a special treat and personalized (or shall we say pup-sonalized?) cake from Dogkery! Packed with healthy ingredients and filled with adorableness, it’s guaranteed to make your pups’ day. Order at least 3 business days in advance (the shop is closed on Sundays) and the shop will deliver this right to your doorstep!

After a little indulging, don’t forget to calculate those excess calories your friend has consumed, and make sure their teeth are cleaned before they head to bed!

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