Meet our fashionable friends in Thailand

Fashion week is right around the corner! This is your sign to show off your furry friends in a fashionable and trendy outfit, after making sure they are safe, comfortable, and stress-free in these outfits!

MyFriends have found these adorable and fashionable pets in Thailand, each with their own unique personality and charm. Let’s go ahead to meet our fashionable furry friends!


Let’s kick things off with our super pawrent Penmaemaw, a mother of 20 adorable cats. You read that right – 20 cats! You’ll be surprised to find these Scottish, British, Siamese, and Ragdoll cats in a very fashionable outfits – from scary, popular movies to seasonal holiday fits.


Brace your eyes for this one – because the glamor of Ms. Chu here might actually, literally blind you. Don’t be fooled by her elegance and fabulous style, she can also blind you with love with just her playfulness and energy!


After falling in love with the luxurious fashionista, it’s time to fall in love by laughing so much with Platwo. We need to give it up for Platwo from being a street dog to the best boy widely loved for his lively facial expression and humorous personality, making him a TikTok star. Leave it to Platwo and his family (Plawan and Plakao) for creating such adorably funny content.


Here is our friend Chayen, a little British shorthair feline who never fails to look so stylish every time. Chayen’s style can be a little difficult to describe. Because how do we know if her stylish looks are from those fits, or just from her adorable chubby-faced cat with big pretty eyes?


A small furry family – Marvel and Melvin who will definitely get an ‘awwww’ out of you! Their lovely casual everyday style is packed with cuteness! But be careful because you might just find yourself under this father and son’s cute and clumsy spell.


If we could go through someone’s wardrobe for a day, we would choose Ciel and Kirua. You will find these two British brothers have a fit for everything – from a casual everyday fit to events like the FIFA World Cup. Want to know what your favorite star would look like if they were a cat? You might just find that out today with Ciel and Kirua!


No, you’re wrong, that is not snow. Those are just our white and very fluffy furry friends, Twinkie (Samoyed) andCharlotte (Pomeranian)! They make it very hard not to suddenly have the urge to go hug or pet our canine friends right now, especially in these lovely outfits.


Time to turn it up a notch with our furry exotic friend – Tartar, a stylish fennec fox who comes to steal your heart with this mischievous face and enormous ears! Prepare to be more smitten with her sister, Thames – a snuggly, cheerful good girl to brighten your day.


Plop, plop, plop…. These two rabbits are here to snuggle into your heart. Who knows casual and comfortable fit can look this stylish when being worn by our Moomin and Miumiu with their big floppy ears!

We would like to thank our lovely pet parent friends above for letting us cover their charming pets and being such an awesome pawrent.

A friendly reminder to new pawrent – as much fun and cute there is to dress up your pet, always make sure that your pet also enjoys dressing up. Every pet can be vastly different from the other, not every pet is comfortable with wearing outfits and accessories. Try various types of outfits to find out which one your beloved friend is most comfortable in. When your pet is safe and willing to wear those trendy clothes, get that camera out and show off your fashionable fur baby!

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