Meet MyFriends! Professional Dog Trainer ‘Fabia’ from Kani Kraze

Here at MyFriend, we’re HUGE fans of providing pets with mental stimulation, socialization, lots of fun, and lots of cuddles! Giving pets the mental nourishment they need will not only help them, but it can help save your living room and favorite pair of shoes! 🛋️🌪️

We’ve seen our fair share of good boys and girls on Meet MyFriends!, and they all have one thing in common, that is, pawrents that understand the importance of training, being a good leader, and giving them all the love and cuddles! Those are all crucial things pets deserve to be a happy and healthy fur baby! 🐕❤️

Today, MyFriend is taking you to get to know Bangkok’s dog whisperer! Fabia, a professional dog trainer who also owns Kani Kraze – a facility at TRAIL & TAIL where pawrents can seek out guidance, support, and a good time with their fur babies!

Please introduce yourself and where we are!

Hi, I’m Fabia. I’m the owner of Kani Kraze, I’m doing the training here at Trail and Tail. 

As a trainer, do you think a pet’s personality is heavily influenced by their breed?

Yes. I do think that the behavior of a dog is heavily influenced by its breed. So Shuana is my personal dog, she’s now a 7-year-old Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are very active, very outgoing dogs that have a lot of energy that wants to be entertained the entire time. 

What behavior issues in pets have you seen the most?

The biggest issue in dogs I think is over-excitement. And for the owners to learn to handle that excitement and how to control the dogs when they are overly excited. To deal with overexcitement, you have to understand the source. Often, the source is just simply pent-up energy. Meaning the dogs don’t get out enough and don’t get stimulated enough. They are basically just bored, sitting around the whole day, and don’t know what to do. 

Have you ever had to train a stray, or missed the crucial socialization period?

Yes of course! Lots of them. Most of them actually, all the soi dogs here. Well, if the critical socialization period has been missed, whatever the dog did not learn during that time, you cannot catch up later on. So if it’s missed, it’s missed. But we can help them to overcome certain issues but it’s very intensive work and really it’s working one scenario, teaching the dog really a different response to that, another scenario, and again and again and again. So then the dogs can’t generalize anymore. For example, if a dog is afraid of people because they were not socialized with people as puppies, getting them to trust people, in general, is impossible. But they can learn to trust one person. Maybe to trust a second person, and so on. 

Even senior dogs, can they still be trained?

Yes, learning takes place 24/7 and you can learn something new your entire life. 

Do parents need to be in the dog training process? 

The dogs are just behaving. They are just responding to whatever it is that is going on, and they are dogs, they respond how a dog would respond. But sometimes that response is not appropriate, and this is when the owner has to step in and has to know “oops, this is not okay. How can I teach my dog a better response?” 

Recommend programs for the dog parent?

I think the most important thing is to put in a proper foundation when you get a puppy. Doing the research before you get a puppy, choosing the proper breed, choosing the proper breeder, and then really investing into their puppy period with foundation training, so you’re creating a blueprint. You’re creating good behavior before bad behavior could start to appear. 

If you missed that opportunity and that puppy phase is gone, it’s just so short, we do have ongoing training courses for different life stages. So we do have special courses only for youngsters, teenagers, that are still very energetic, that come with their own challenges. We do have general basic obedience courses for any dog, any dog that is already mature, they are welcomed. We do have classes, especially for dogs that are, what we call, “Leash Reactive” meaning when they see another dog, they might not be very friendly. They might bark, they might lunge, at other dogs, at people, so we do have one special course only for these guys. So it’s only them together, so nobody has to feel like “Oh! My dog is the only one barking on the leash” all of them do that. Then we have classes just for mental stimulation, where you just get the dog out to do something. Bond with the dog, have some good time with your dog. We also have advanced training courses.

What’s the difference between mental stimulation and socialization?

Mental stimulation means you do something. You use your brain and you do something. Socialization is just if you go out here, you are in a public space, there are other social creatures, people, dogs, cats, whatever, and you are interacting. That is socialization. Mental stimulation is working, doing something with a purpose. 

Dogs are social animals by nature. Yes. If dogs are understimulated, if they are bored, they are looking for hobbies by themselves. Most of the time, owners don’t like those hobbies. Recreational barking, chewing up your shoes, all these kinds of things just to get your attention. 

What to know before adopting or getting a new dog

Don’t choose based on looks. Don’t buy a dog because “Oh! This German Shepherd looks so beautiful, I want to have a German Shepherd.” That’s the biggest mistake you can make. Yes, you might like the looks of the breed, but you need to know the history of the breed, and what you need to provide in order to fulfill this dog. 

Is there anything you would like to say to the audience?

Is there anything we would like to say? The most important step is to have fun with your dog and enjoy your dog. 

Having a pet that has been trained and tamed properly makes a huge difference to your relationship. With proper socialization and mental stimulation, you can both enjoy public spaces and also trust each other fully! 🧑🐶💝 Explore professional training if you’re a pawrent looking to spend quality time with your furry friend while keeping them mentally stimulated. This time, practice really does make puuurfect!

Have a seasoned professional like Fabia from Kani Kraze to guide your way through the process of training. 

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Make sure everything is giving you and your dog the ultimutt fun activities where they get to learn new things every session! Sure, physical exercise is important, but a healthy and happy pup needs to exercise their mind too! 🐶❤️

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