What if the Pets of the MyFriend team could talk?

We’re a team full of pet parents and animal lovers! We’ve always talked about how important companionship is, and how much joy our pets bring into our everyday lives. 🐶💖 But we shouldn’t forget the reality of living another life. Despite how much you love each other, it’s inevitable that you will get on each other’s nerves. 🙀 It could be that you always come home late, there are not enough snacks, or you won’t let them onto the bed for cuddles!

A bunch of experts found that our furry friends actually judge us! According to BBC news, researchers from Kyoto University tested furry friends in a controlled environment and found that dogs were more interested in humans who did certain tasks better! Another funny fact is that female dogs are the most judgemental of them all! Since we learned this, it made our team question… “What do you think our pets think of us?” Well, today is your day because here are our guesses! 🐾

Elle & N’Mee Kiaow

“You look at the computer screen all day, just so you can come back to look at another mini screen!? What about staring at me?”

Lisa & Chaw Guay 

Is this hooman edible???

Pisacha & N’Gorn Khon


Pure & N’Online

“I need my hooman hand pillow pwease”

Pat with N’Miso & N’Tako

“We want nuggets

Yulia & Aung with Ebony & Milo

“Don’t you worry mama, you’ve got me… I’m gonna lick your ears, lean on you, and walk by your side! Always! A Thousand Ahwoof Promises~ <3” 

– Milo 

“I’m already dada fave but Hey HOOMAN MAMA! Love me more than yellow woof! I want all Love and Care… Snacks, Socks, and Snuggles too… 😛”

– Ebony

Best & P’Edward

“So when are we going for walkies?”

Aunt Jameena & N’Mellow

“I am the gift of your life”

Aunt Sandy & Mushroom Soup

“Look at me, hooman! I’m here! Gimmie attention!” 

What about you? What do you think your furry friends are thinking about you? Let us know!

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