5 things you should never do, that your pets hate!

A lot of the time, those who annoy us the most are our closest loved ones! While our parents hound us down to get a degree and go down a certain career path, we know they do this out of love. The same goes for our pets! Sometimes we have their best interest in mind, but we forget to take into account if they enjoy the choices we make for them! 

Pet parents all over the world want the best for their fur babies. To buy them the best toys, make sure they get their favorite snacks, up to keeping them the most fabulous furshionista! But as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The things we do because we love our pets might cause them more pain, unhappiness, or even annoyance! Let’s take a look at these 5 things pet parents do that pets hate.

Disclaimer: This article is written as a guide for pet parents to take into consideration before any decisions are made, with your pet’s health and well-being as the priority in mind. Pet parents can discuss this with the veterinarian before making any decisions to alter or modify their pet’s physical appearance. MyFriend supports all pet parents long as they are prioritizing their pet’s health and well-being!

Tail Docking 🐶

is a process where the majority of a dog’s tail is removed. This is usually done for cosmetic reasons or to prevent possible injuries. Docking is a practice that involved cutting or crushing the dog’s tail when they are under 5 days old. Nowadays, tail docking is usually done in specific breeds, to conform to an established “Breed Standard” of appearance. 

There are also medical reasons for tail-docking, and we’re sure that your furry friends wouldn’t mind the procedure if they really needed it. But to have the procedure done for purely cosmetic reasons, MyFriend would like to suggest taking a step back, and for pet parents to question the practice, if it is really practical at all. Although done at such a young age, our poor puppers might have a limited ability to express themselves fully when they are older! Happy tail wags are always a heart-warming sign that your pooch is having a good time. Cutting this part of their anatomy off also cuts off your chances to fully witness their canine expression to the fullest! Additionally, poorly done docking can also cause chronic life-long pain for our friends. 

Declawing cats! 😿

Sometimes beautiful things come with a sharp exterior, whether that would be roses, durian (🤭), cactuses, or cats! Many pet parents see this and find ways to resolve this “issue” by declawing your fluffy friend. MyFriend would like to state that we are opposed to declawing cats. 

Cats need their claws. From capturing their prey (mouse-shaped toys) to escaping any threats (bathtime), they need their sharp nails to accomplish their daily tasks and rituals. Did you know that cats claw at their scratching poles to help relieve stress as well? Plus, their claws are attached to their finger bones – which means there is room for errors such as excessive bleeding, complications, or even infection during and after the procedure. Not to mention the pain that cats feel after the procedure during their recovery. There is also possible risks of arthritis the older they get, and extra sensitivity to different surfaces and texture. Amputating this vital organ of theirs intervenes with their daily routine, instincts, and overall health. 

Ear cropping 🐶

Is a popular procedure among breeds that originated as “fighter” breeds, as well as tail-docking that has been mentioned. This is usually done as a cosmetic procedure – as an attempt to establish the previously mentioned “Breed Standard” which is purely based on aesthetics. It’s also worth noting that this procedure is illegal in countries like England and Wales. 

Many argue that ear cropping is beneficial for the animal, as it’s been mentioned to prevent ear infections and avoid injuries from other dogs. But this is simply not true. Dogs need their full anatomy to hear and also communicate with their body language. There are only a handful of medical situations where ear cropping might be necessary, but this is up to the veterinarian’s discretion. Just like humans, cosmetic procedures are a choice. So if you have a furry friend who happens to be a breed that has a stereotypical look, take a step back and really consider if it’s necessary to alter their naturally beautiful features!

Cutting off their whiskers 🙀

A cat’s whiskers aren’t just there for decoration! Sometimes, we think it’s the equivalent of a human’s facial hair, but the little hairs on their adorable faces do much more than that for our feline friends. 

Whiskers are a cat’s vital sensory organ. They are connected to a sensory receptor that sends important information about their environment – specifically to do with distance and space. If you’ve ever wondered how they’re so sleek with their movements, you have to thank their whiskers! That’s why if you ever cut them, don’t be surprised if your furry friend is now disorientated and confused! According to veterinarian Jane Brunt, as cited on Pets WebMD, “If you cut them, that’s like blindfolding someone, taking away one of their ways of identifying what’s in their environment.” So keep those strands in check and make sure you never chop them! 

Lack of mental stimulation 🐾

All pets, living creatures, and critters require mental stimulation. If you’ve ever come home and found the living room looking like it’s gone through a tornado, find that your favorite pair of shoes have been ripped apart, or that your couch is now full of scratches, your pets might be trying to tell you that they need a little mental stimulation!

Think about it, when pets are left alone for so long – they get bored! Just like us. MyFriend understands that there are so many reasons why this can happen, like a full-time job and other responsibilities, but there are also a lot of alternatives and activities you do with your furry friends! You might think they’re just adorable faces at times, but in reality, they love a challenge! Physical activity, learning new things, and spending quality time with their favorite human is sure to keep them happy and healthy!

We’re confident that everything you do for your furry friend is out of love and adoration. But sometimes, the things we think are good for them, might not be. From physical alterations to not spending enough time with them, pets have needs just like ours. That’s why we should always shower them with treats, toys, love, and care whenever we can! One way is by taking the time to understand what is truly best for them, and you’re already on your way to being the best pawrent there is!

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