The Corgi Lore – Legends of Corgis and Faries!

Corgis with their stumpy legs and adorable funny-looking faces have swooped us off our feet. This is normal, considering the late Queen Elizabeth II’s obsession with Corgis, but did you know these silly-looking pups actually have a whole lore and legend behind them? Find out the Welsh Corgi Lore and their adventures in the magical kingdom in this article!

But before we start, let’s get to know the Pembroke Welsh Corgi a little bit better. This fun-sized friend is packed with affection and strength, believe it or not. They are little herders who are one of the world’s most popular herding breeds. This compact-sized pup is just a big dog in a small package – but as the saying goes, great things come in small packages! They are quick and agile, which perfectly suits their job description as a shepherd’s dog. 🐑

🧚 Corgis and Fairies 

According to Welsh folklore, a fairy’s wings weren’t always strong enough to allow long-distance travel for them. That’s why they started using the “dog of the dwarfs” as their mode of transportation! Our stumpy-legged friends were responsible for pulling the fairies’ carts and carriages, and they also accompanied them while the fairies rode into battle. Corgis were basically the equivalent of horses for these tiny mythical creatures! When they were not on duty, the magical little folks would send them off to play with children or take care of them.

The Children found them! 🐕

There’s a mixture of stories and legends, as this has been passed down through word of mouth. A commonly told story was that there was a pair of Corgis that were gifted to two children by the “wee folk,” also known as fairies, elves, or leprechauns. They were playing in the woods one day, and stumbled upon these funny-looking “foxes.” After some time, they took them home, then their father tells them that these dogs were a gift from fairies! He knew this because he saw the fairy saddles on their backs.

Gift from the King and Queen 👑

Another folklore involves the King and Queen of the wee folks. They were very compassionate about the depressing lives of humans, who had to do hard and laborious work in order to survive. They would always see these mortals on their journey, then one day, while they were passing by the pitiful family, the King fell off his Corgi. The queen saw and quickly hopped off to save her husband, abandoning her chariot in the process. After they found their grounding again, and the King wanted to put out a search for the Corgis, which was when the Queen quickly stopped him, saying “there’s no need – the Corgis will find the mortal humans who may need them more than us.” Just as the Queen said, the Corgis found their way to the humans, where they immediately knew they were a gift from the fairies from their saddle patterned back.

Battle of the Tylwyth Teg and the Gwyllion tribes ⚔️

The last story that has been told starts with a war between two fairy tribes. The Tylwyth Teg and the Gwyllion fairies. They have just fought the biggest war the mystical kingdom has ever seen. As Corgis were their noble steeds that joined the wee people into battle as well, but unfortunately, two of the Tylwyth Teg warriors did not make it out of the battlefield. While the funeral for these brave soldiers was being held, two children stumbled into the forest and into the funeral. The tribe then offered the children two Corgis that used to be ridden by the fighters, as a gift in honor of the now-deceased fairies.

❤️ Corgis beginnings with humans! 

In the 1940s there Anne Biddlecombe of Dorset England first published a poem called “Corgi Fantasy” which encapsulates the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgis breed’s origin and role in the mystical kingdom, and how they started their lives with humans! In the poem, they are described as

“Playing like a pair of fox-cubs.

Burnished gold their coat and colour,

Shining like a piece of satin –

Short and straight and thick their forelegs

And their heads were like a fox’s.

But their eyes were kind and gentle;

Long of body were these dwarf dogs,

And without a tail behind them.”

In Anne’s poem, the Corgis were a gift from the fairy folks, and they were made to be “fairy heelers, cattle herders, steeds and pulls for the carriage, and children’s playmates.

📸 Photo Credits: Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

If you look closely at Corgis, you can see that they have a darker patch under their shoulders. This was part of their lore, as it’s believed that it’s a marking that came from their mini-saddles for the fairies! That fur patch is still called the “fairy saddle.”

All the myths about the Corgi involved children, which can explain why they make such great family dogs. Their intelligent and playful nature makes them the perfect addition to the household.

These adorable creatures have captured the late queens’ hearts, as well as the whole internet, and apparently, the Welsh and the wee folks as well! Despite their fierce reputation on the fairyland battlefield, they are loyal, loving, and adaptable. These stumpy friends with long bodies are full of energy and affection for their favorite humans (and fairies..)! Did you know this about Corgis? What’s your favorite dog breed? Let MyFriend know!

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