Meet MyFriends! Toa with Sugar & Dango

The most adorable and stubby-legged friend will never fail to make us smile! Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the epitome of cuteness! Captured by their captivating and heartwarming appearance, animal lovers all over the world can’t help but pour all the affection in the world into these little guys! But behind their unassuming and somewhat clumsy looks, they’re super strong! Renowned as one of the most famous sled dogs in the world, they’re packed with strength, adorable looks, wit, and sweet lil legs, it’s not even a question why there is the fairies’ preferred mode of transportation

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to meet K. Toa while he shares his experience caring for two of his beloved corgis. With us are two adorable friends who are the famous petfluencers, Sugar and Dango! With over 50,000 followers, the internet agrees that they bring cuteness overload to a whole new level! 

Please introduce yourself and your corgis 

Hello, I’m Toa. Actually we have three dogs right now, but the other one isn’t as friendly. So I brought these two to introduce to you guys. This is the mom, her name is Sugar. And this is the little one, called Dango.

Why are you captivated by this breed? 

We’re animal lovers anyways, so no matter what breed, I love them all. But before this, we’ve only had big dogs. A Golden Retriever. But when they got older, we found out that they were harder to take out, or caring for them can be tricky. But we felt like a smaller breed would be like, less satisfying to hug. So we started looking for mid-sized breeds. During that time, Corgis were also really popular and trending. So I felt like I really liked them, and now we’re here!

Do Corgis require a lot of care? 

Personally I don’t think so. If you compare with bigger breeds, they’re harder to care for. But theres one part related to their shedding, they shed twice a year. So during shedding season, their fur is everywhere. Think of a dandilion field.

What are some tricks they know?

We taught them handshakes, sitting, basic stuff. But I think the reason they’re so polite is because its in their own personality, these two. Corgis are actually a super hyper breed. But I was lucky to get these two, not too active.

Are they like a family member to you?

They’re definitely a part of the family. At first, my parent’s weren’t supportive at all in getting more dogsม but now we have them, if we go anywhere, they’re there with us. Other than shedding season that is. I don’t really dare to take them out, or else someone’s cafe will turn into a snow storm. 

How has your life changed after they came into it

The first thing is making more time for them. Travelling and taking them out is inconvenient, but it’s a different type of happiness that I’m willing to sacrafice convenience for. 

Anything for the audience? 

If anyone is looking to care for dogs, or pets in general, just have enough time for them. Not like only getting them when you see that they’re cute or something. We should care for them for their whole lives. Because at least, they’re harmless. Don’t bully them, think of them as a part of our family. That’s all it takes. 

And I want to leave our page too, @sugar_corgifam on Instagram. We also have reels and pictures of them for you to follow, making all of you smile! Thank you!

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As for today, MyFriend would love to thank K.Toa as well as Sugar & Dango who came by to say hello! MyFriend is always up to meeting new furry friends and their pawrents while they share their heartwarming stories. All of you can follow Sugar & Dango’s everyday adventures on their Instagram at @sugar_corgifam or on Facebook, at Sugar_WelshCorgi. We’d also like to thank NOV x IRL Coffee BAR for letting us film an interview for all of you to view! 

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