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Our pet’s health is a BIG DEAL. They’re really good at hiding pain, mostly because they can’t verbally communicate what’s causing them discomfort. Many times, we only find out something isn’t right when their symptoms are already getting worse. Especially with cats, they’re definitely masters at tucking their pain away. 

For this reason, PrettyLitter, a tech-startup company has researched and developed cat litter that can monitor a cat’s health! PrettyLitter product will change its color by chemical components in a cat’s urine, each color tells you each risk of diseases, based on your cat’s urine pH.

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PrettyLitter unique characteristics come in the form of white small granulated crystals. Made from Scillica Gel that is perfect for quick moisture absorption. Their special formula changes color depending on the acidity and alkalinity in your kitty’s urine, and it can help you monitor your pet’s health! If your pet is healthy and their urine’s pH is balanced, the litter will turn dark yellow or olive green. However, if there are any abnormalities detected, the litter color will change. The meaning of each color is as follows:

  • Dark green to blue: There is a high level of alkalinity in the cat’s urine. It means a higher risk of struvite stone formation in the bladder or some bacterial infection.
  • Yellow to orange: Your cat’s urine is acidic. It can be a sign of many diseases, such as kidney disease, kidney tubular acidosis, metabolic acidosis, urinary tract infection, and calcium oxalate crystal formation.
  • Red: Suggested bladder inflammation, stones, cancer, urinary tract infection, and renal hematuria.

You can check your cat’s litter color daily. However, PrettyLitter is not a health report from the vet. It is another tool to track your cat’s health, so you will know when to take your feline friends to the veterinarian

Despite this, pet parents have to remember that the color of the reaction seen in PrettyLitter isn’t a proper diagnosis. This technology was developed to be a tool that can help aid you in tracking your pet’s health (it’s not an official medical testing tool/kit). PrettyLitter was made for your convenience in tracking their health. If there are any concerns you may have with your pet’s health, your best bet won’t be the litter – but getting solid advice and diagnosis from the veterinarian would be the way to go

PrettyLitter is not commercially distributed in Thailand yet, so the best thing to do would be to take your pet for health checkups regularly, to keep them happy and healthy! 😇

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