Meet MyFriends! Sandy, our office manager!

The MyFriend office is where all the fun is! Sometimes, with the fun comes liveliness, and restless energy, so we definitely need a talented manager to keep everything in check!

Sandy has been our Office Manager here at MyFriend for one year! She’s been there with the team through the highs and the lows! Other than taking care of everything the office needs, she’s also one of our TikTok stars as well!

In honor of Pride Month, we’d like to invite you all to get to know Sandy, our Office Manager, and her journey of self-discovery and realizing that she is Asexual! A sexual orientation is characterized by a lack of sexual attraction or a low or absent interest in sexual activity. Let’s get to know Asexuality better in this episode of Meet MyFriends!

Please introduce yourself and what you do!

Hello! I’m Sandy and I’m the Office Manager here at MyFriend – Furever Connected. AKA I’m the mom of the whole office. It’s been almost a year at MyFriend. Currently, I define myself as an Asexual person.

What is Asexuality?

Asexual is someone who experiences no sexual attraction or that they don’t have the intial attraction of sexual arousal. And that’s seperate from a romantic attraction. We can still be in love, have someone, of any gender! But we focus more on the relationship with that specific person. Without having the sexual aspect intertwined into it. Or let’s say, physical intimacy isn’t the top priority in our lives.

Can you talk about “That”?

Well, this depends on the specific person. The best way to go is to ask beforehand. Is it okay to speak about this? What are the limitations? Because some people might feel uncomfortable discussing bedroom topics. But for me it’s quite normal, because my friends speak about this anyways, and I listen to them, what their output is, but I just don’t have any input, that’s it.

What are the common misconceptions

Most people assume that we don’t experience arousal but that’s not true, it’s a different topic. The only difference there is, is that we don’t experience it in the attraction stage. No matter what gender, there is no attraction for a physically intimate relationship. Or it’s a spectrum, the different types of asexuality. Such as Demisexuals, they’re those who can have physical intimacy with those they have a close emotional bond with. Attraction and arousal are two different topics. We still feel those emotions, our bodies still do, but mentally, there’s not so much focus on it.

How has Asexuality affected your relationships?

With my friends and family, it hasn’t affected anything. My friends know, my family knows, it’s just that when it comes to my partners, we have to discuss and communicate first. When it comes to our needs, discussion is needed to see if we’re compatiable. Or if there are any compromises that can be made. Sometimes, some people… an example… in dating apps, they just want to hook up, but I want a relationship, so I don’t want to meet for that. I’d tell them as well, how I define myself as an Asexual, a Demisexual. Because a lot of them just focus on “that“ aspect. The first impression is already a no-go, so we have to communicate first. If they understand Asexuality, or Demisexuality that I have. Or if they want to ask anything. Talking is a must. Even if it’s a “talking stage” someone new, or partners, because it’s a delicate topic. What they want, what we need, we have to discuss.

Any tips for those who’ve just discovered their asexuality?

Well, first off, congrats for finding yourself! Because nowadays, there are so many Identities in the LGBTQIA+ community. And I want everyone to know that no matter how you define yourself, or if you’re Asexual like me, you’re not weird, and it’s normal. Don’t think it’s abnormal. We can still love others. It’s just that our hearts might not focus on certain aspects. Or we just want a relationship with those we feel safe with. Something like that. I want everyone to see it as we’re all human. No matter what gender you are, live life to the fullest.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

If you know that someone defines themselves as asexual. But if you don’t understand and you’re curious, you can ask! I’m more than happy to answer. But remember it depends on the person you ask as well. Or the listeners too, if you are open to learning about Asexuality, and how much you want to know. Anything is a topic of discussion.

MyFriend would like to thank Sandy for sharing her experiences working here, as well as what it’s like to be an Asexual person – so we can better understand this sexuality better. There are still limited resources and awareness of asexuality in Thailand, and there are still a ton of misconceptions out there. Trying to understand and attempting to learn more about different sexual orientations is a way to open up and respect fellow hoomans! 🖤🤍💜

MyFriend would like to be another voice of support for the LGBTQIA+ community 🏳️‍🌈 We believe everyone should be able to freely express their identity, no matter what! Because love conquers all! #LOVEWINS 🌈

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