Dislike of cats = Red Flag?

Cats are the companion of the hearts of many of us! Ancient Egyptians and Vikings were all mesmerized by their independence and adorable furry faces, they’ve managed to capture civilizations to be under their little paws and whiskers! Everyone has their preferences, and one of the common questions when you’re getting to know someone new would be “Are you a dog or cat person?” If the response is that they’re a dog person, it’s usually because cats aren’t outwardly enthusiastic or affectionate – or simply because they are allergic. 

Cat lovers who are also on TikTok, you might have seen a trend of “People who don’t like cats are a red flag!” We’ve linked some examples here in case you’ve missed out on it. For a lot of cat lovers, the dislike of our feline friends might be a red flag! But is not liking cats really a red flag like everyone is saying? Let’s explore this claim from all angles!

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 A feline’s personality 😼

Every pet has different personalities. No matter if they’re the same species or breed, just like people, they are shaped by their experiences and environment! As well as their natural tendencies and idiosyncrasies.

Cats tend to be very territorial and private. They tend to choose who they trust and come into contact with. One must gain their consent first before they get to touch or play with them. Plus, they have their own way of communicating when they’re happy, when they want affection, and when they’re giving it! They’re a completely different species from dogs, so we can’t really expect them to act the same way, right? 

Dogs tend to be outwardly excited. Since humans have domesticated them for more than 30,000 years, it’s natural that they picked up on the kind of behaviors we reward. According to some studies, cats were first domesticated 12,000 years ago – but this is a mere speculation. It’s also been mentioned that humans have been actively selecting dogs to guard and herd animals, whereas cats were more likely to select themselves to be near humans – by catching mice and pests. This can be a reason why dogs tend to have more “favorable” traits (although we love cats, the general assumption tends to be like this – although you have to remember, it’s just an assumption)!

Personal Preferences and Taste 

Depending on your own experiences with cats and dogs, your preferences will differ depending on that. As well as other factors like if you’re allergic to cats, you wouldn’t be spending so much time with them, right? Unless you’ve packed a lot of antihistamines! 

Some prefer cats because they feel like dogs are too needy. This is also valid – it’s all personal preference at the end of the day! Whether you like dogs or cats, it’s usually because of your experience with both species. Some people don’t like dogs because they’ve been bitten before, so it really depends on each individual. 

Why some might not get along with cats 

When someone doesn’t like cats, like other things in life, it’s probably because they’ve had a bad experience with them. Whether it would be because they’ve been scratched, bitten, or pawed at. This tends to happen because some people simply aren’t used to cats. They have a specific language and preference we have to learn first before we interact with them. Unlike dogs, you can outwardly tell when they’re enthusiastic and welcoming, or when you are uninvited. Cats tend to be less vocal about what they’re feeling – and it might be hard to read for those who are inexperienced with feline communication. 

Adjusting to the way our friends communicate takes time and patience. Unless you have access to a cat, it’s pretty tough to learn how to love them. Another thing is that cats can seem less affectionate, compared to our tail-wagging friends who are always down for a game of fetch. But all cat lovers will tell you, after gaining the trust of a cat, there’s nothing like being loved by them. They actually shower you with affection and attention – but it takes a lot of time before that happens. So if someone doesn’t get the chance to hang out with cats often – it’s pretty understandable why they would pick dogs over kitties. 

So is it a red flag? 🚩

Everyone has their own opinion, taste, and speculation. Can not liking cats be a red flag? Well, yes. That is if you’re a cat lover looking for a partner who also loves cats! Some relate the dislike of cats to other traits such as not being able to respect boundaries, consent, or a sense of entitlement. The association is there, but we have to remember that correlation does not always imply causation. Not liking cats and the fact that cats draw clear boundaries make it easy to assume that people who dislike cats don’t like boundaries, but it’s a logical fallacy – a hasty generalization. 

At the end of the day, each person’s red flag will differ depending on what you’re looking for. If you love cats and you’re looking for a cat lover, don’t go for someone who doesn’t like cats, not because it’s a red flag, but because it’s an incompatible match! People have their preferences. Maybe you can ask your sweetie why they don’t like cats, maybe they had a really bad experience with them – or maybe they haven’t spent that much time with a feline friend! Then, you can take them to a cat cafe to get acquainted with your beloved cats. Dating is more about your gut feeling than arbitrary red flags that people on the internet created! You can still take the advice, just with a grain of salt. 💕

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