Meet MyFriends! Nadia & Tong – IMRON & Neek Friends Hua Hin

HuaHin is a top destination for both locals and international visitors here in Thailand! With its close proximity to Bangkok and the beautiful beaches right in the gulf of Thailand, it’s no wonder! But at the same time, the city is also not too far from reach! Yummy foods are all around and easily accessible to visitors. When you inch a little closer to Khao Takiab Beach, you will be greeted by the serenity that’s harder to find in the heart of the city.

This is where the IMRON Huahin Room and Supboard hotel is located, with relaxing rooms near the beach that is equipped with Supboard rentals and fun activities you can enjoy with Neek Friends SUP Journey Huahin. If you love outdoor activities, this is just for you! Plus, you can spot Nong Manao, a new dog friend who’s the sassiest doggo in town! Today, MyFriend is taking you to get to know K. Nadia from the IMRON hotel, and K. Tong from Neek Friends! 


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If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t have enough time to visit the Andaman seas, HuaHin is a sure prospect for you! MyFriend would like to thank K. Nadia and K. Tong for dedicating their time to let us interview them with open arms and friendliness! Other than relaxing at IMRON Huahin Room and Supboard hotel, you can get some physical activity topped with fun and adorableness from Neek Friends (and Nong Manao) for you to enjoy! After all that, our leg muscles and core are on fire! 🤣

Neek Friends has just opened up an adorable Coffee Cart that serves you caffeinated drinks right by the beach! You can get a little taste at Takiab Soi 1 (behind Cafe Amazon). There’s no better way to sip your coffee than by the beach. Plus, you can bring your furry friends to run around in the warm sand! 

If you’re interested in staying or indulging in a few activities, you can contact them from the following platforms! 

Facebook: IMRON Huahin Room and Supboard

Instagram: @neekfriends.journey


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