Meet MyFriends! Pim and Gluayhom

Pim is one of our beloved coworkers here at MyFriend! It can be tough to introduce someone we run into every day because Pim is our Partnership Executive here! But of course, she is more than just a colleague. Other than being a great daughter, friend, and girl crush, Pim is also a pet parent!

Today, MyFriend is introducing you to Pim and Gluayhom! A little Dachshund that’s full of personality, character, and charm, just like his mom! Although she claims he’s an introvert, his chaotic and adorable personality shines through. Let’s see what their story is in this interview!

Who are you & your furry friend?

Hi, my name is Pim and this lil guy is Gluayhom, he’s a Dachshund.

What is Gluayhom’s personality like?

Gluayhom usually just sleeps and eats. There are no activities beyond that. He doesn’t play that much. When he’s home, he’s an introvert, but an extrovert when he’s out! When he meets people, he loves playing with them. At home, he wants to be alone, but once we’re out, he probably feels more active.

Why did you pick a Dachshund? 

It’s coming up to three years with Gluayhom. I picked this breed because I personally just like short things, small, cute, and dainty. So when I saw this breed on Instagram, I felt like “What is this breed!” so I did my research and decided.

What’s your dog’s favorite toy?

He mostly plays with plushies. If we’re just home, he’ll pick one of the dolls up and bring them to play fetch. If we ignore him, he’ll use the plush to hit us so we’ll play with him. Like all day. Just fetch, nothing else.

Do you have any favorite spots?

With Gluayhom, it’s usually just walkies. Because he likes it. He likes to use his energy, and you see he’s only this size, but he’s strong. He likes to use his energy and run, sometimes I skate and he’ll be the one leading the way!

What are some memorable moments?

With Gluayhom, the funniest moment was when I posted him on Instagram and everyone was laughing! Because it was just that funny. I got a dog door, and he used his teeth, his own teeth to make a dog door. This was his masterpiece, and when this happened, I gave it another chance. Changed the door, and he still gnawed at the same place! The same area. So I thought, this guy is smart. Created his own doggy door. This is our third door now, and I’m not gonna replace it anymore. He can have his doggy door if he wants.

I might get bitten by mosquitos, but he’ll have a doggy door.

Gluayhom’s favorite snack

Gluayhom? He absolutely loves tomatoes. I also just discovered that small tomatoes, the little cherry tomatoes, he loveeees them. Don’t know why, but every time he sees tomatoes, maybe it’s the smell. He’ll walk over to my leg and kinda ask for one, something like that.

How has Gluayhom changed your life? 

The actual reason why I got him was to heal my heart. But after a while, it evolved from healing my heart, he ended up fulfilling so many aspects of my life. Like, after work, after school, I’m tired, but I get to come home to this goofy guy and it feels therapeutic.

Anything else you want to share? 

You guys can follow Gluayhom’s IG here @gluayhom.thedach.

MyFriend would like to thank Pim for talking to us and letting us share her story and journey of being Gluayhom’s mom. Not only his iconic looks, but he did not fail to put a smile on all of our faces, with all his wit and charm, don’t forget to follow Gluayhom on Instagram at IG: @gluayhom.thedach

Keep your eyes peeled for the next person we’ll introduce you to next week! Stay updated on our socials, and until then!

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