Let’s get to know TikTok Petfluencers! Jummeng, N’Cal, Edward, Gluta Story

Pets have taken over the internet! Just scroll through your feed and we’re sure it won’t be long before you stumble upon a furry friend. From cute montages and compilations to hilarious moments, pets are the true rising star in today’s fast-paced social media world!

Of course, not all stars are created equal. Some are a one-post-wonder, while some keep their status as the hottest petfluencers! Let’s take a look at the most popular pet influencers on TikTok in Thailand and admire their adorableness!

1. Gluta Story – From The Streets To An Internet Personality!

Gluta, a street dog who K. York and K. Som adopted, is the inspiration behind the Gluta Story page. In the beginning, Gluta was a stray dog who found shelter in a dormitory. After facing a whirlwind of health challenges, Gluta beat cancer and other illnesses with the help of veterinary treatment and care, plus love and cuddles from K. York and K. Som. Gluta’s captivating photos and heartwarming tale touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Photo credit: BrandBuffet

The story spread like wildfire on social media, making the family a beloved figure and an influential pet personality. Gluta’s photobook not only brought joy to her followers but also shed light on the importance of adopting and providing love and care to animals in need. Besides Gluta, Mr. York and Ms. Som have also adopted several dogs and cats, forming a loving and compassionate family. Follow their YouTube channel: Gluta Story to see their adorable stories!

2. Japan and Friends – Jummeng, What Do You Have!?

Did you know? Jummeng in Thai means to kiss the forehead! Jum (จุ๊ม) can be a variation of Jub (จุ๊บ) which is the sound of a kiss, and meng (เหม่ง) means forehead!

Photo credit: Ad Addict 

Jummeng from the famous page Japan and Friends is an adorable grumpy-looking Golden Retriever whose fame started on TikTok! With silly and adorable voice overs done by his mom, Jummeng captured Thai viewers by storm and now has over a whopping 100 Million likes on TikTok! With an average of 1 million views on each video, it’s no wonder why these adorable golden fur-ed friends are so famous.

But who knew what sparked their fame? It was simply a video of the little pup trying to learn how to walk down the stairs! Apparently, Jummeng’s mom was even contacted by the foreign press – just because of this viral video! Riding the fame train, Japan and Friends is still growing – and seems to only be growing!

3. Edward10516 – The Travelling Kitty 

Who said cats only love the indoors? Check out Edward, a kitty cat who loves to travel to cool restaurants, and cafes, and even go on boats and beaches! Although Edward is the star of the show, he has over 14 siblings!

Photo credit: Edward10516 : เอ็ดเวิร์ด

With irresistible and lovable eyes, coined with stumpy legs and the fluffiest fur, it’s no wonder why this family became famous! Plus, he also has 5 kittens now, so he’s officially a dad! Follow their cuteness and adventures on all platforms!

4. Iam.calorie – Because Your Brows Are The Crown Of Your Face

Known as calorietiktok on TikTok, this sassy Chihuahua is the epitome of a pet influencer. With an impressive personality, eyebrows, lashes, and a bootylicious look, Cal never fails to bring a smile to our faces. She also knows how to work that camera!

Photo credit: คิ้วคือมงกุฎของแค

With a million-dollar attitude, all pet influencers have to step aside! Once the wig and brows come on, it’s over for all you pooches! MyFriend has to say, from this list, Cal is probably the only real pet influencer that truly captures the essence of a social media personality.

Pet influencers have taken the online world by storm, and Thailand is no exception to this trend. These adorable and charismatic furry friends have captured the hearts of millions, spreading joy and promoting a deeper connection.

These influencers are more than just fluff and fame. They have become advocates for important causes, shedding light on pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. Their adorable faces and quirky personalities have a knack for melting hearts and inspiring us to be kinder and more compassionate to our furry friends.

So, whether you’re looking for a good laugh, some feel-good moments, or inspiration to give a loving home to a rescue pet, Thailand’s pet influencers have got you covered! Give them a follow and follow MyFriend for more!

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