Check out these 5 new brands on MyFriend shop, to find the ideal products for your furry friends

Hey there! Have you heard the exciting news? MyFriend shop just got even better with the introduction of 5 awesome new brands! 🎉 Now, finding the perfect food and products for your furry friends is easier than ever. 🐶🐱 Come explore the vast selection of online pet shops we’ve added to our shop. Want your furry friend’s life to be filled with joy and fun? Well, let’s get started!

APET (IG: @apet.official)

👀 Are you looking for affordable and soft food for your pets? The wide variety of pet food options available at APET are all created to give your beloved pets the best nutrition and comfort. The best thing is that every flavor has been specifically made to enhance your pet’s general wellbeing, keeping them happy and healthy. Whether your pet enjoys the delicious crunch of treats or the savory taste of meat, APET’s got you! Check out their treats on MyFriend Shop!

Enjoy hassle-free shopping at APET with free shipping on orders above 500 Baht. Stock up on your pet’s favorites worry-free!. 🚚

🛍️ Check out APET at MyFriend Shop! 👉 

Pawsjoy.official: (IG: @pawsjoy.official)


Welcome to Pawsjoy, your one-stop shop for all your pet food needs! Pawsjoy offers a delightful range of pet products that will bring joy to your furry companions. Browse their exclusive section of dog and cat treats and watch your pets’ tails wag in excitement! Healthy treats are a must to ensure our furry friend’s well-being. Try the delicious-nutritious treats, from the crispy roasted beef, to the dry roasted beef for a savory twist. 🥩🍖 And don’t forget to check out their treats on the MyFriend Shop!

Enjoy free shipping 🚚 on orders up to 200 baht, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on your furry friends’ favorites without any extra costs. 🐾

🛍️ Check out Pawsjoy at MyFriend Shop! 👉 

Brutehause (IG: @brutehause)

💛 Have you heard about the incredible pet food from Brutehause? With carefully crafted recipes using only the finest ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and even the Brute Goat Milk Bar! Your furry companions will absolutely fall in love with the delicious flavors and the nourishment packed into every single bite. Plus, their health is the utmost priority at Brutehause, so a little snack won’t ruin their diet!

So, if you haven’t tried Bruteause Shop’s pet food yet, MyFriend highly recommends giving it a go! 🐾 Check out their treats at MyFriend Shop and get a special deal when you shop over 1000 Baht, shipping is absolutely free! You can spoil your beloved pets while enjoying the added convenience of free delivery right to your doorstep.

🛍️ Check out Brutehause at MyFriend Shop! 👉 

OskarPets.official (IG: @oskarpets.official )

🌿 At Oskarpets, caring for your furry friends is as important as keeping Mother Earth in mind. 🌍💚 Oskarpets innovative pet supplies are not only safe for your precious pets and adorable kittens, but they are also friendly to you and the environment! 🐱

Oskarpets’ offers premium cassava cat litter for your feline friends that is 100% natural and totally eco-friendly! Not only does it make for a comfortable space for your furry companions, but also incredibly easy to clean! 💧 Check out their products on the MyFriend Shop! Get 1 Box and enjoy free shipping today. 🚚🌟

🛍️ Check out Oskarpets on the MyFriend Shop! 👉 

HostTail (IG: @hosttailofficial)

🐾🏠 Hola from HostTail! where you can find anything your lovely furry pals might be looking for! HostTail is passionate about giving your cherished pets the most fashionable and cozy pet accessories. 🌈💕 HostTail provide a great assortment of dog kennels, cat houses, mats, sofas, and pet beds. Get everything your furry friends need to live their best lives when you explore our vast selection of items. HostTail has something for every animal friend 🐶🐱🐰, whether it’s a soft pet bed or a plush pet sofa!

You’ll be glad to know that HostTail offers pet houses in a number of sizes and colors too, allowing you to select the perfect fit and design to go with your pet’s personality! 🎨🐶🐱 But what is the best thing? When you spend just 5000 Baht while buying with us, you can get a free shipment to your door!

🛍️ Visit MyFriend Shop to see HostTail! 👉 

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