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Good coffee and yummy snacks are all office worker’s sidekicks! Or at least, those who are caffeine addicts… But a nice restaurant and cafe with a relaxing atmosphere is a must for the tired evenings after work. At Korner Cafe and Restaurant, they’ve got you covered! For anyone near the Rama 4 area, from day to night, Korner welcomes both hoomans and furry friends as well, as it’s a Pet-Friendly cafe too.

Today, we had the chance to sit down and have a conversation with K. Sky the owner and chef at Korner Cafe and Restaurant who gave insights and told us the story of Korner, with Koffee, the fluffy Scottish Straight who was there to support his mom throughout the whole interview!


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Please introduce yourself and Korner Cafe and Restaurant

Hello, Sugunya Supwarasit I’m the owner of Korner, my nickname is Sky

What’s the concept of Korner?

Korner is a Cafe and Restaurant and we serve comfort food, as well as coffee. Comfort food is food that’s easy to eat, everyone gets to enjoy it and feel full. It tends to be more international. The decor concept is to make it feel homey and cozy, where you can meet your friends, rest your soul.

For recommended menus, it depends on the customer. I think the most ordered would be the Truffle Fettuccine and the grilled cow tongue, which is my own recipient. It takes a while to stew, then we grill with salt, and there is also a yuzu dip that’s my creation.

Why is Korner Pet-friendly?

I’m personally a cat person, and I love animals. My sister has 8 dogs and I have 2 cats. Any pet parents who bring their pets, we welcome them. I haven’t experienced much chaos, most pet parents care for their pets pretty well and they’re responsible.

Bringing your pets to Korner Cafe

You can ask for pet bowls for dogs or cat. If you bring dogs, please keep an eye on them. We don’t want them to accidentally bother other customers, not everyone loves animals like we do. Fear of dogs, cat fur allergies, there’s a lot to consider.

You can inform us in advance by calling, we’ll clear the area out for you, or even separate some customers to the other side if they’re not okay. If your pets are near you, that’s better. So they don’t disturb other customers. That’s the most ideal situation.

Introduce your cat friend!

This is Koffee, 4 years old and a Scottish Straight. Now Koffee is 6kg. I don’t normally bring Koffee here since I’m the cook, and I’m scared the fur can get into the food so Koffee is not always here. But Koffee is really clingy sometimes. When I first brought Koffee around the time Korner launched, Koffee was my Maneki Neko, my spirit animal.

How is Koffee so affectionate?

You have to carry them often. Every time I get off work, I baby Koffee with kisses and cuddles. So Koffee is used to it. 2-3 months in we’re already play fighting!

Where can we find Korner Cafe? 

Korner is around Rama 4 road. There’s parking here, but if it’s during rush hour, feel free to call in first to reserve. You can follow us through Facebook and Instagram. You can get our number through Google Maps as well.

MyFriend would like to thank K. Sky for sharing such wholesome stories and laughs with us! Both on and off camera 🤭 about the cafe where city-dwellers like us can rest, such as Korner Cafe and Restaurant. Other than their delicious menu and amazing coffee we have tried, the space is also open for all pet parents and their furry friends! Talk about a real pet-friendly place!

For any of those looking for a pet-friendly cafe, with a nice and relaxing atmosphere, don’t miss out on Korner Cafe and Restaurant with the following links!

Facebook: Korner cafe and restaurant – คอร์เนอร์

Instagram: @kornerbkk

Google Maps:


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