Meet MyFriends! K.New – Puttachat Sutusanathuang, DVM

A career as a vet is one of the most popular aspirations for animal lovers. Whether that would be small illnesses, accidents, or diseases – annual health checkups, or even simple things like nail trimming and ear cleaning. All of this should be done by a vet (even though we feel like we can do it ourselves sometimes…) Whether that would be a small consultation, a professional like a vet is the only person who can give us a sure answer!

Today MyFriend is taking you to get to know K. New, a real vet who tells us about her journey as a vet, from her university days to now – where she has now opened her own clinic!

Please introduce yourself

I’ve graduated from vet school for 2 years now, so I am a vet. My name is Puttachat Sutusanathuang and now I have my own clinic in Suphanburi, called Baan Rak Sud Clinic.

What’s your inspiration?

If you really ask me, I didn’t want to be a vet since I was a kid. But it’s more about the bond I’ve had with animals since I was a kid. When I was younger, I wanted pets and we had fish and hamsters, but never had a cat or dog. Till I got to secondary school. I had a best friend who loved cats, so I was really influenced by them. So I started wanting to have a cat, so I asked my parents. Then they allowed me to! At first, it was one cat. Then it became 2, then it became 3 4 5 6 7 8 cats. Then we neutered them. After 2-3 years, I felt like I wanted to pursue something to do with animals. If something happens, I want to help them. While I had them, it was those moments when they were ill or sick, that I really felt like if I had a career that could help them, it’d be great.

What are some misconceptions about vets? 

There might be stuff like, people don’t know we go to school for 6 years, just like human doctors, pharmacists, and dentists. It’s 6 years, but it’s not like we learn about all animals. It’s actually quite vague, and it will be limited to small or big animals only. I specialize in small animals, so it’s mainly dogs and cats. Rabbits and such might need a little more personal research, they were in the curriculum, but it wasn’t intensive. People like to assume that we can heal all animals.

Any heartwarming cases you’ve gotten? 

I experience that all the time! But the most heartwarming case has to be when I first started working. I was in my internship, when I was a fresh grad, I got to the big branch of the place I worked for. It was the first case, and we had to deliver puppies in the morning. We went straight to the operating room.

And with that case, they were puppies. I think we also did a C-Section, so all was well and dandy. Until there was a moment where we had to clear up some mucus or help console the mother for going through such a procedure. I felt a very warm and fuzzy feeling.

And there was the rut of the litter. We tried very hard to make sure the puppy could survive, so that warm feeling stayed with me. It’s been over 2 years since that happened. But the most recent has to be the time when I just opened my clinic. They came for an ultrasound and some checkups to see how the pregnant cat was doing. Until the day of the delivery, and since I was really close with the pet parent, they asked if I could help deliver the litter to their house. It felt like a magical life moment.

Another moment that inspired me to become a vet. The cats in my house also had their own litter. But I didn’t get the chance to be there when they were being delivered! I was in Bangkok, so I missed out on that. But I got to raise them, and they might be able to deliver their litter without me, but every cat is so different. My cat might have trouble with delivering, or can’t, there is useful information that’s in the vet field that can help there.

How has being a vet fulfilled you? 

Well, since I’ve had cats for over 10 years, from before I entered university until now, I feel like I get to pursue my passion. During my studies, sure there were moments when things didn’t feel right. But the moment I got to work with small animals, such as dogs and cats, I felt like I got to evolve with them.

I got to learn about pet parents, about pets, and their unique characteristics. As well as the different methods a pet parent might use. I didn’t graduate in behavioral studies in animals, but there are always snippets of information I can learn from pet parents. If they are very careful and observant, they can usually detect something wrong with their pets. It might be a simple change or a lowered mood.

If I compare those to pet parents who might not have enough time to be as observant, there’s a stark difference. Like when I ask about their medical history, and the remedies used, the answers really tell us a lot.

Since I started working 2 years ago, some moments have been very tiring. Why is this case so hard? Of course, we always try to find the answer, because, after all, we did all this to help another life, of all species. Their life is worth saving.

I feel like they are another part of the family. Their cats are like my own! When there is a sick animal, I always think of it as if they were my pets. How would I care for them? When you come in and get treatment with us, and it’s successful, I also feel like a weight has been lifted. Of course, I’m also happy that I was successful there, it’s another way of healing my heart, and the pet parents. Because I am also a fellow pet parent.

Advice for people who want to have pets

As I said, taking care of pets can be compared to caring for another person in the family. Our pets are like children who can’t fend for themselves. So for new pet parents, or those who want pets, do a lot of research about their care, food, or what to do when they are sick! So you can adjust accordingly.

Please educate and do your research before deciding. Because once we’ve decided, it’s a commitment to care for them like a family member, for a long time. It’s not just a year or two, sometimes they get as old as 20-30. If you can care for them well, they might even live longer.

Tell us about your clinic! 

So the clinic just opened for 1 month! We are called Baan Rak Sud Clinic. Song Pee Nong District, in Suphanburi. We have treatments and preliminary checks, and we also have an ultrasound machine! We also have off-site service as well. In the future, we will have spaying and neutering as well. We have a Facebook page called “คลินิกบ้านรักษ์สัตว์ สองพี่น้อง” too!

MyFriend would like to thank K. New (or as we call P’New) who came by to tell us all about her passion and professional journey, as well as the inside scoop into the vet world! If you are near the Song Pee Nong District, you can bring your pets to Baan Rak Sud Clinic!

Wonder who else MyFriend is introducing you to? Stay tuned and follow us for next week’s Meet MyFriends!

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