Pets Edition: I Asked, But This is What I Got!

It has been a popular trend in Thai Media! If you’ve spent some time around Thai TikTok you’ll notice videos with “I told พระแม่ (the goddess) about you.” This goddess is Phra Mae Laksmi, better known as Laksmi in English. She’s the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, and love! And it seems like everyone is getting everything they wished for, after requesting whatever they want with Laksmi. Whether it would be in love, career paths, wealth, or even asking for a soulmate.


But sometimes what we wish for isn’t always what we get… This trend is just like expectations vs. reality – but for the Thais who love their superstitions. Here are a few real examples!



So viral, MyFriend has to join on the trend! It seems like everyone is getting what they want, so what do you want? Let’s see if we can request a dream pet, will we actually get a little companion that matches our wishes?



I told Lakshmi about the orange cat with sparkly eyes 🐈🥺


I got a stray cat that randomly picked me…. but it’s orange!! 😮


I told Lakshmi about a SMOL Tabby Baby 🐟


But I got a giant Salmon Baby 🍣


I told Lakshmi about a friend who looks like a cup of cappuccino


But I got a 20 baht roadside coffee instead…



I told Lakshmi about a cool cat that’s sooo handsome! 😎


But I got a little rascal that plays all day all night! 🥲


I told Lakshmi about Superman 😍


But I got a super headache (for me) 😤


I told Lakshmi about a handsome, cool, calm boy


But I got a quirky crazy dog


I told Lakshmi about a playful extroverted friend 😆


But I got a sleepy little introvert friend 😪


I told Lakshmi about a Pomeranian that will heal my heart 💗


But I got a Workaholic Terrier 👩‍💻


Why didn’t we get what we wished for?! But it’s okay because all pets in the world are all cute to us. 💗


What about you? Is the furry friend that’s by your side what you expected? 😂 No matter what you have, be it a dog or cat, no matter what breed, color, or face they have, don’t forget to love them the best you can! Because we are their friends and family forever, so have you hugged your best friend today yet?


  • If you haven’t found your perfect pet match, then they might be hiding here!



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