5 Costume Safety Tips For Halloween!

Halloween only comes once a year, so why not take your pets out to trick or treat? 👻🎃 From elaborate costumes to props that will turn heads, there are a few things you should think about before buying your pet’s spooky gear. Ranging from quality, and size, to their own safety and well-being!

No matter what the occasion is, Halloween or not, our pets are always the most adorable around! But some cute costumes might only be cute on the surface – and it’s actually uncomfortable or unsafe for our furry friends. 😰 Picking out the perfect fit is a daunting task that pet parents shouldn’t take lightly! That’s why we’ve gathered a few tips for you to follow, so you and your pets get to enjoy Halloween to the fullest!

5 Costume Safety Tips For Halloween! 

🧶 Pick a Well-Fitted Costume 

You should make sure your pet’s costume size is a comfortable fit for them. Not too big not too tight, so they still have room to breathe! Once your pet has tried on all their costumes, you should monitor how they react to it. If they are flouncing around, or dragging themselves across the floor – trying to take it off, immediately remove the costume. It might feel like a bummer, but Halloween is not over, just because your pets don’t want a full costume! You can still use other accessories like hair bows, bandanas, or even props so they won’t be stressed.

🏃‍♂️ Easy to Move Around 

Good costumes should allow room for movement. Running, walking, listening, or vocalizing shouldn’t be an issue. If shoes or masks are required in the costume, only leave it on for a short period of time – just enough so memorable photos can be taken! This is so that they can’t accidentally hurt themselves, or harm others. You should let them try on the costume first, to evaluate if the attire is safe and comfortable for your pets to run or walk freely.

⚠️ Avoid Potential Contamination 

Just like humans, contact allergy can happen. That might be from the detergent used, or simply from a specific type of fabric. That’s why pet parents should make sure to wash and clean any dress properly beforehand. To avoid any potential risks of contact allergy, rashes, or irritation that might lead to issues in their respiratory system. If your pet is experiencing any allergic reactions, immediately take them for a shower and visit the vet to make sure they are all healed up!

🎀 Beware of Small Accessories 

Sometimes cute props come in small sizes! Such as hats, shoes, or bows. Pet parents should always keep an eye on their furry friends when they have these types of accessories because they might accidentally swallow or choke on the little trinkets. Once you’ve taken all the pictures you need, to show off your fur baby, take these accessories off to avoid any unwanted accidents.

👀 Look Out for Signs of Stress

Not every furry friend feels as cute as they look. Whenever your pets react in any way, whether that would be ears folding down, eyes darting from left to right, or hunching, it’s a sign that they are uncomfortable. You should take the costume off immediately so they feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own fur.

The next time you go shopping for your pet’s next Halloween fit, don’t forget to prioritize their comfort and safety, so you both get to enjoy the furbulous fit. This way, they’ll wag their tail with confidence going out to show off their fit! That way, you’ll know they’re having fun and not worry! 💖

After taking your pets out in their new, comfortable, and dazzling outfits, don’t forget to take a picture! Check out how to take the best photos of your pets here.

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