6 Dog breeds that really need to release their energy!

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Even though most dogs are suuuuuper active, these 6 breeds in the list are packed with energy!

No matter what breed or age your four-legged companion is: they all need exercise! Depending on several factors, some might need more physical activiteis than others. Whether that would be from playing fetch, swimming, or simple walkies, these workout routines keep your dog happy and healthy. Lack of exercise can cause frustration, leading them to exhibit behaviors such as: destroying the living room furniture, aggression, or even depression. Getting their daily walkies can help them feel like the happy dog they deserve to be, with a mind full of focus and curiosity!


Even though most dogs are suuuuuper active, these 6 breeds in the list are packed with energy!  If you are currently taking care of them, or you’re aspiring to be the pawrent for these guys, pack your running shoes and be prepared to take them for a daily session!



Jack Russell Terrier 

Great things come in small packages. Jack Russells are relatively small, with huge amounts of energy. They love running and absolutely adore dog sports. Digging is also one of their favorite pastime activities! A treasure hunt or hide and seek are great games you can play with your Jack Russell Terrier.



With the instinct of a hunting dog, the Beagle is always aware and excited about everything that's around them. If they don’t get to release this energy, be prepared for a mini tornado in your house. They’ll definitely enjoy toys they can chase around! A great choice that will surely tire your little Beagle out. 



Siberian Husky

Another infamous perpetrator renowned for destruction! Not just a handsome face, the Siberian Husky’s strength allows them to jump fences that are over two meters tall! Which is also why they go missing quite often. This issue can be solved by giving them the exercise they need every day! 


Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

Corgis are known for their smarts and short legs! They seem like the cutest little ball of joy right? Right! But they’re also a ball of oh-so-much energy! So much that they used to help us as herding dogs! Don’t forget to take them out for some running and exercise every day to keep them as fit as a fiddle.   



Australian Shepherd

A breed that is not only smart, agile, healthy, affectionate but they’re also full of energy! Many assume they’re easy to care for because of their obedience, but the Australian Shepherd absolutely loves (and needs) exercise to keep them in tip top shape.



This high-fashion patterned pup is full of patience and intelligence. If they don’t get the activity they need to keep them stimulated, there’s a high chance that they’ll get easily distracted, which can cause excessive barking. 


Now that we’ve gone through why dogs need daily exercise and the top 6 breeds that have plenty of energy, don’t forget to listen to your dog. Even though these guys need a lot of exercises, too much of anything can be harmful! Adjust daily activities to your dog's energy levels by researching and getting to know your dog's breed really well!



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