It’s a purrfect day to answer your cat’s questions!

Meow… meow… meowww?

Everyday, your feline pal is meowing, making strange noises, doing strange things. They could be trying to talk to you, ask you questions, or tell you about their needs. But, you can’t understand them! How frustrating for both you and your cat!

That is why today is a purrfect day! Today is January 22nd and it is the most important day. It’s “Answer your cat’s questions day!” Get ready to decode and respond to what your cats have been trying to communicate to you all these time!

A little bit of a history lesson: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day was established by Ruth Roy and Thomas Roy of They created this unofficial holiday so that all cat parents can dedicate January 22nd to try and gain a deep understanding about their cats. What are their needs? What kind of behavioral issues need to get sorted out? And of course, to strengthen the bond between the cat pawrents and the light of their lives.🐾

Here are some questions that your cat might be asking, and needing you to understand!