Meet MyFriends!: Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr with Thor & Khonshu

Today, MyFriend is taking everyone back to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat - a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel to meet Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr alongside Thor & Khonshu who are here to talk about their cute and wholesome journey!

Today, MyFriend is taking everyone back to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat - a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel to meet Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr alongside Thor & Khonshu who are here to talk about their cute and wholesome journey! As a cat dad in this big and bustling city, let’s get to know them a little better! ?


His love of pets began at a young age, and combined with the condo life full of hustle and bustle of the city he now lives in, he decided to adopt a feline friend to keep him company! Before falling head over heels in love with the various personalities and quirks of the mini superheroes – Thor & Khonshu that came out of the Marvel Universe, let’s find out more about this cat dad’s journey! 


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Why did you pick the name Khonshu & Thor?

I’m a movie fan, especially superhero movies. That’s why I named my cats after Marvel superheroes. I had a cat named Loki, and the other was Thor. And this little guy is Khonshu. 


What’s the beginning of your cat dad's journey?

I started having dogs first when I was a kid, so that started my journey as an animal lover. We had fish and dogs, but now that I’m older, I’m in the city so I tried taking in a feline friend. I wanted to try out adopting them first, so that’s how I took in stray cats first, and that made me fall in love with cats. 

I’m a person who prefers staying in a condo or house, and I enjoy solitude, I’m quite independent. So after I got a cat, I felt so fulfilled, because I felt like they’re animals that can tell when they should approach us. When we need our alone time, or sometimes when I’m stressed, they’ll walk over and help me relax.


What’s the toughest thing about caring for a stray

I think the challenge of adopting a stray is that we can never really know what they’ve been through. For example, if a dog has ever bitten them, or if someone harmed them. The only thing we can do is mend them because we can never know what the cause is.

We have to find ways to encourage trust. Imagine if we meet a cat that has their guard up, they might’ve had a bad experience with humans. Time is needed, and so important when we take in strays. We have to give them a lot of time, love, and support. Anything so they trust us. 


Do Thor and Khonshu's personalities differ?

Each cat has their own personality. Thor is super affectionate with me, but not with anyone else. He’ll be really scared and won’t be playful. But he’ll know when we’re stressed, and he’ll come to cuddle. He loves sleeping on your chest.

Khonshu, this Scottish Fold is super playful! Super welcoming cat. I love bringing him to play with other cats, he’s not scared at all, and he’ll approach others to play with them. They’re both quite different. 


What are some quirks of these two?

I think their quirks are when they’re at the condo together, they'll chase each other. Khonshu loves chasing Thor, and playfully bites, but Thor doesn’t like it at all! They’re constantly chasing each other, but whenever I’m on the sofa, I’d be reading, working, or doing anything, no matter how much they’re fighting, they’ll try to find a gap in my positioning, between my legs, arms, just to cuddle with me. I think it’s such a cute moment that my two children might be fighting, arguing, and running from each other, but in the end, they will come to me. I find it very wholesome.


Anything you’d like to add for the audience? 

I used to travel abroad often, and go to other provinces. I want to encourage other cat pawrents to be more cautious about leaving their cats alone. This can cause a lot of stress. Cats get stressed very easily. Any shift in the environment can trigger it. They need consistency. I want to add that if we need to leave for a while, try to find a friend to help or find ways to help them relax. We see them as affectionate beings, but they’re easily stressed. I want to add mention this because cats can’t communicate as we do, and they keep to themselves, so they won’t tell us. 


MyFriend would like to thank Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr as well as Thor & Khonshu who were willing to share with us, their wholesome story, and Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat - a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel that were kind enough to let us film and shoot this episode!


If you’re a pawrent who needs to leave their furry friends for a while, and you have no idea where they can stay, consider a Cat Hotel! There are staff who will be there to look after your feline friend consistently. Other than feeding them, giving them water, and cleaning the litter, there will also be people to keep your kitty entertained at Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat - a Hooman Cafe & Cat Hotel, and they welcome everyone! Check out this pawsome cat hotel’s profile through this episode of Meet MyFriends!




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Meet MyFriends! Anutra 'Niki' Chatikavanij with Ichi the Shiba!

Let’s meet the coolest fun aunt and her little nephew! Today, Meet MyFriends! are taking you all to get to know Anutra 'Niki' Chatikavanij, the founder of Bitesize BKK, and her little paw friend, a Japenese Shiba Inu called Ichi who flew all the way from Japan to live here in sunny Thailand.

Let’s meet the coolest fun aunt and her little nephew! Today, Meet MyFriends! are taking you all to get to know Anutra 'Niki' Chatikavanij, the founder of Bitesize BKK, and her little paw friend, a Japanese Shiba Inu called Ichi who flew all the way from Japan to live here in sunny Thailand.


Let’s find out how Niki spends quality time with her trusted companion, what kind of cool activities they do together, and get to know Ichi better by tapping into his quirks and personality!


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Please introduce yourself and what you do

I’m Nikki, the founder of Bitesize BKK which is an English media publication on Instagram, for newer generations that are interested in Business, Technology, and brand-related news. I’m also a proud mother of two dogs, Ichi and Miki.


How long have you had Ichi for?

Around 4 years. My father wanted a Shiba Inu, so we searched on Facebook and we found this one page where the Shibas were straight from Japan! That’s why we flew Ichi all the way from Japan on a plane. We went to get him at Suvarnabhumi 4 years ago. 


What made you decide to go with the name Ichi?

When I realized we were gonna get a Shiba, I wanted a Japanese name that fits with the breed. The brainstorming process took so long! Everybody voted for Ichi because it sounded cheeky and cute, it also means “one” in Japanese, because he’s No.1!


How do you manage time as a business owner and a dog mom?

Honestly, Bitesized BKK is quite flexible, and we work from home. But Ichi actually lives with my parents, who also happen to live next door. So I’m kind of like a dog-auntie who visits from time to time to go play, or do fun activities together during the weekend. I’m lucky that Ichi and Miki both have caretakers at home. 


Your favorite place to hang out with Ichi?

We go to many places together, since we’ve gotten these dogs, we’ve started doing a lot of activities that revolves around them. Just like they’re family. Sometimes during the weekend or holidays, we go to Benjakitti. They just opened up a dog-friendly zone which is great for walks, runs, it’s a great green space. We also go to Nong Bon park, which I really love, but it’s quite far. I recommend pawrents to go during Sundays, it’s a huge park - fourty minutes of running will tire the dogs out for sure.


What is the best thing about Ichi?

The best thing about Ichi is that he’s quite independent. A Shiba’s personality is similar to a cats. They won’t constantly play with you or cuddle you. It’s going to be like a random day they feel extra affectionate and loving, they’ll come up to hug and play with us - and that makes it feel a lot more special when they’re in those moods. We’ll feel like as an owner, we did a good job, and the dog is rewarding us with love! Ichi loves his freedom, and he’s easy to take care of. He can take care of himself. 


If Ichi could speak, what would he say to you?

He’ll probably say a lot of things, a lot of complaints, and want many things! Like more walkies and treats. Ichi loves croissants, salmon, and he can be kind of demanding as a dog. He’ll probably want a lot of stuff. . 


Would you like to say something to the audience?

I think a lot of people are giving dogs their forever homes, and they have become such an important part of the family. Supporting them by taking them out, going for walks, and trying not to leave them home all the time. Nowadays, there are more options for a lifestyle that is easier for pawrents in Bangkok. Also, Check out Bitesized BKK if you’re interested in business and technology news! 


MyFriend would like to thank Anutra 'Niki' Chatikavanij as well as Ichi who were kind enough to sacrifice their time for a lovely interview, all while welcoming us with open arms, into their home! 

If you are interested in concise, efficient, high quality news updates about business, technology, and brands, don’t forget to check out Instagram: @Bitesize BKK and their awesome easy-to-absorb content that’s posted every day!

Meet MyFriends!: Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat

MyFriend would like to take you all to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cats - a hooman cafe and a cat hotel. Molded from love and carefully crafted with a deep passion by Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr

It’s the festive season! We’re not surprised if many of you are prepared for a holiday and vacation. But taking your furry friend with you can be difficult. Especially cats that are terrifies of changes in environment. That’s why you its so important to find them a cozy and comfortable place to stay. 


MyFriend would like to take you all to Bad Habits & Sleepy Cats - a hooman cafe and a cat hotel. Molded from love and carefully crafted with a deep passion by Suwapas ‘Phu’ Sukontaborpitr, a real architect cat dad who designed this cat hotel and cafe by himself! Alongside his partner who is also a veterinarian!



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Hello, I’m Phu, the co-founder of Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat which is where we are now. We created this space for the community of people who loves cats and those who love coffee, so they can spend quality time together. 


Inspiration in design

We mainly divided it into two parts in our four-storey building. The first two levels are the cafe and coffee service. As for the coffee, it’s all of Single Origin, and we also have Brunch! Where you can sit to snack or work here!

As for the third and fourth floors, this is our highlight. It’s the cat hotel! I do have to say, I’m such a big cat lover, and I also love coffee. I thought these two things can exist together, and that’s what the origin of the idea was. I think cats really need a safe space to hang out and freely be themselves, just like humans. When we feel like we need a place to rest and relax, we want a place where we can “hide” to think of ideas and things of that sort. 

So the inspiration for the design was to focus on a modern look. We try to have an airy atmosphere, with natural lighting for both humans and cats! Think of something along the lines of a modern loft, decorated with darker-tone chairs and tables. This creates a sense of peacefulness. We also welcome our guests with flowers and plants throughout, and the same goes for the cats. The cat hotel floor is also decorated with plants. We adorned the walls with paintings and images for them, so they can feel relaxed!


The unique points of this place

The most obvious point would be the fact that we’re not a Cat Cafe. Our philosophy is that we are equal to the cats. Therefore, the difference is that we give the best coffee for humans, and we give the best accommodation for our feline friends.

For each cat’s room, we try to keep everything about the cat in the design, such as their ergonomy. How far do they jump, at what angle, and in what way would make it the least stressful. We can see this clearly on the third floor, because all of their rooms are facing away from each other, so they can’t see each other. At the same time, we also made a gap for them to peek out and see the outside surroundings. 

Another thing is that we also give the pet parents the choice of picking the size of each room. Just like a human’s hotel! We have many room types: Villa, Duplex, Penthouse, and Casa. Each type has their own furniture in their own sizing. 


Were there any memorable moments? 

I’ll share a cute case that we’ve gotten! Every customer of ours is adorable, but I think the sweetest situation was when a customer brought in really young kitties. The two of them were around a month and a half old, and they were little naughty ones! They also gave us a fake plant that was decor, but the kittens got really attached to it.

I feel like it’s really endearing because it shows that they really cared for the kitties. It matched our philosophy, and I want to take care of the cats as if they were also cared for by their pawrents. That’s why we placed the fake plant in the little cat room, so they felt like they were home. I think that’s the cutest case we’ve had. 


Rules or regulations when we take the cats to the hotel

The thing we would like for cat parents to know is that, okay, let’s paint a picture here. Your cat is fully vaccinated, with no ticks and fleas, and is overall clean. Crusty ears and eyes are normal, we can take care of that. Just bring the little one in to check in anywhere.

One thing we do want to focus on is the cleanliness of the environment. Because everything can affect the stress levels of the friend. 

There was one case where the cat was very unfriendly. One to two days later, they were still quite aggressive. Even just feeding them, we got a little slap, so we had to resort to the last option. Our staff had a lightbulb moment, so they danced for the cat! The staff tried everything they could possibly do, but dancing was the only one that worked! Because the cat was confused, and the little one was so dumbfounded, the aggression just melted away. 

I was confused at first, and I talked to my business partner, who is also a veterinarian. He said that yes, when we are too determined to approach them, they might feel threatened. But if we move in an odd way, they might feel more relaxed.


Anything else for the audience? 

We’re actually opening the grooming section for the cats! Because we understand that when pawrents are away for a while, they’d want their fur babies to be brushed and cleaned. We are opening that soon, we’re trained by an academy about how to shower cats without making them feel stressed, picking the right shampoos, to blow drying their fur. As for brushing their coat, we only want the best for them. We want it to be a relaxing experience like a salon.

I’d like to leave the Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat as a destination for everyone. No matter if you just simply love cats, or just love coffee. If you want to try something new, just come and visit! You can sit here to work anytime. We want to create new and amazing experiences. We’re launching a new signature menu next month, so you can come by and check out how it tastes! The dining table cat memes but in a drink form. So we’d like to invite you to try! And as for the cat hotel, we have staff to look after them for 24 hours. We also have a vet who takes care of them as well, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 



MyFriend would like to thank Suwapas 'Phu Sukontaborpitr that agreed to share these insights about Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat - a hooman cafe and cat hotel with us, and for taking such good care of our feline friends. From their physical to their mental health, aiming for a hooman and cat community, to the delicious snacks and high quality coffee. This place has open arms to those looking for a Cat-Friendly area, or those simply looking for a space to read a book! Also, a little birdie told us that they’re opening up the Grooming section soon as well! Phu went to take the course all by himself!


If you’re interested in visiting Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat, check out their Facebook: Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat & Instagram: @cathabits.bkk


? Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat

480/52 Phetchaburi Rd,

Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Tel. 082-624-0739




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Meet MyFriends!: Christelle Pieterse with Sadia & Olivia

Today, MyFriend is taking you all to meet Christelle Pieterse and her lovely and energetic, girlies who are a Jack Russell and Dachshund!

Living in a foreign country comes with a lot of challenges. Not only the obvious language barrier and acclimatizing to the weather, but another issue also plagues the hearts of expatriates all over the world: loneliness. 


Today, MyFriend is taking you all to meet Christelle Pieterse and her lovely and energetic, girlies who are a Jack Russell and Dachshund! Christelle talks about how her pups helped her through the transition, and how her fluffy friends helped her find her crowd.


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Please introduce yourself and your canine friends.

Hi, I’m Christelle. This is ​​Sadia and Olivia 


How old are Olivia and Sadia?

Olivia is a year and a half, and Sadia is five months.


Were there any inspirations behind the names?

So actually they’re named after singers, both. Sadia is a local DJ, she’s Thai. And Olivia Rodrigo. 


Why did you pick out these adorable breeds? Did you adopt them?

Olivia, I didn’t plan on getting Olivia. I went to Chatuchak and I saw her, she looked really really cute and she was with her brother. Sadia, I always wanted a sausage dog, since I was a kid. I had one and it was like my first dog, it was a sausage dog, and I really like them. 


Do you have any difficulty as an expat in Thailand? Did your pets help you cope with the situation?

Yeah, it can be kind of lonely sometimes and it doesn't really feel like home always because you’re a foreigner. And I got Olivia first, because of that reason. To make it feel more like home. 


What's it like having pets and living in Thailand? Is Bangkok a pet-friendly place?

It’s actually very difficult to find pet-friendly condos and apartments. In that terms, it’s not really pet-friendly. And also the parks, it’s really difficult to find pet-friendly parks. 


Have you ever been anywhere outside Bangkok with your paw friends?

So I think Benjakitti forest park just opened up, and they made a section of it pet friendly, and K-village is also a regular. And, I took Olivia to Hua Hin quite often


What is the naughtiest thing your pets have ever done?

Olivia chewed up my passport when I wasn’t home. Yeah, she chewed up my passport, like, the corner of it. I had to return home to get a new one. She was still a puppy!


Is there anything you would like to say to the audience?

It can be very fun, and the community is nice once you find it. If you go to places regularly, people often recognize you and your dogs. So I think it’s definitely a good idea to have a pet as a foreigner here. 


It can be lonely roaming alone in a foreign country, far away from home. But that’s why having a fluffy companion come along on the journey can help! Having a friend you can share the fun adventures and the happy moments with is something to cherish, not only that: you can also find like-minded pawrents through your paw friends as well!


MyFriend would like to thank Christelle Pieterse, Sadia, and Olivia for welcoming us into their homes for this lovely interview. Anyone will fall in love with these outgoing personalities who are always looking for a new game of fetch. Check out the video to see the adorableness in action!


Are you struggling to find pet-friendly places like Christelle? Stay tuned for our app feature that will help you find Pet-Friendly Places in Bangkok!



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Meet MyFriends!: the Hive ThongLor

the Hive ThongLor is a Co-working Space that gives you the same experience of working at home comfortably with your pets!

Ever get bored of your workplace? The same scenes, people, views… Sometimes we just need something a little different to reignite that spark! Maybe we just need a new atmosphere, activity, or even a new group of friends.


the Hive Thonglor is a Co-working Space that gives you the same experience of working at home comfortably with your pets! All while making new friends and being productive. They also host a variety of events and workshops members can check out! 


Today, MyFriend is taking you all to get better acquainted with the space. We’re here with Kanyawee 'Poy' Kasiprakob who is the manager, and Cathrin 'Cat' Ballmer, the community associate at the Hive, who are here to talk about the behind-the-scenes of the hip and chic co-working space in Thonglor!


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Remarks: the interview was done on the 27th of August 2022


Please introduce yourself and where we are now

Poy: Hello, I’m Poy and I’m the manager here at the Hive Thonglor Sukhumvit 49. We’re a coworking space.

Cat: I’m Cat, the community associate at the Hive Thonglor

Poy: We’re here at the International Dog Day Fair event!


What happened to Cat’s face? 

Cat: Dog events also have kids visiting right? We have a playing corner on the G floor, and the kids are probably bored of painting plaster so they painted my face instead!


Poy: Today, with it being International Dog Day, families have gathered and brought their dogs and their kids! That’s why we have a designated painting zone for kids, and a free zone for the dogs to run freely.


Can we bring our pets to the Hive? 

Poy: the Hive has always been a Pet-Friendly Co-working space. We let our members who have dogs, or other pets come in. The majority of the time, it’s limited to your personal office zone, or the open area zone so they can roam. Or in another case, there are also Service dogs or Service Pets who are also allowed, since they are trained.


Are there a lot of events happening here? 

Poy: Today, we set up an International Dog Day Fair and we want to let everybody know that our Co-working Space prioritizes furry friends too! We also want to create a community around this since many members have dogs. 


Cat: the Hive always has events! We always try to find events that we can do for our community, whether that would be the members or the overall community area. International Dog Day came just in time, so we wanted to set it up! Because we know the Thonglor community has a lot of dogs.


Who are the people in the Hive community?

Poy: Because we’re a Co-working Space, our community is mostly people who work in this area or who work directly with us. Around 80-90% are foreigners who are in Thailand. They might be a start-up, or expats who don't have a big enough community themselves yet. the Hive prioritizes connections, so we started a community between members and try to have events so people feel like this isn’t just a place to work, but it’s also your home.


Anything else you’d like to share with the audience? 

Cat: Follow MyFriend! I think it’s a great platform because sometimes we don’t know where to find accurate information, but there are people who created a platform with everything in it! That’s why you should check it out. Also, check out our Co-working space at the Hive. If you’re bored of your house or workplace, or you just want to find a new community, even find new like-minded friends, come visit! 


Poy: As for the Hive, we’re not just a Co-working space, but we are a community that wants everyone to join us! 


MyFriend would like to thank Kanyawee ‘Poy’ Kasiprakob, Cathrin ‘Cat’ Ballmer, and the Hive Thonglor for inviting us to showcase our app by hosting a booth at the International Dog Day Fair. Not only that, they welcomed us with the ultimate hospitality! We gotta say, this place is the co-working space to be, with a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a workday! And of course, the best highlight of all: you can bring your pets to hang out here too! 


Meet new hooman and paw friends here at the Hive, and follow any updates on upcoming workshops hosted at the venue on their Facebook: the Hive Bangkok and Instagram: @thehivebangkok


Until we meet again, have a pawsome day!




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Meet MyFriends!: Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij & Kaiwaan

We often think that a pet’s personality is hugely determined by their breed. Golden Retrievers are playful, Huskies are whiney lovable domestic wolves, and Beagles are notoriously naughty!

We often think that a pet’s personality is hugely determined by their breed. Golden Retrievers are playful, Huskies are whiney lovable domestic wolves, and Beagles are notoriously naughty! 


But this study that examined over 2,000 dogs actually found that a puppy's personality and their breed don’t have anything to do with each other! The researchers didn’t find any behavior that was consistent or related to their breed. Still not convinced?


Today, MyFriend is taking you to meet with a Beagle that proves this! We met with Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij, a Tiktok star with quirky international school kid content and her adorable Beagle, Kaiwaan to get a glimpse into what it’s like in their busy lives!


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Please introduce yourself and your paw friend!

Hi! My name is Net and this is my lovely little beagle, Kaiwaan, who I also called Eggy sometimes. Because in Thai, Kai means egg.

During the pandemic, I got her in June 2021. So, she has been with me for over a year and she’s almost two now. So, I got her when like, she was six months.

So it’s actually a family friend of mine, sort of gave us Kaiwaan. We meet up with them quite often, maybe once every few weeks or something. Just to get the girls to play and meet each other. They always celebrate their birthday together every year.


How did you start using TikTok?

So, I think like any Millenial, during kind of like, the pandemic days. I was in like, “Well, I go on this app, let’s see what the big deal is?” and honestly I was like, “This is the best platform. It’s so fun. It’s so authentic.” The reason I kind of started posting it was just to have fun. Because I think, my personal life and my work life is always super-serious so I just wanted a space to have fun.


How Kaiwaan has influenced your life and mental well-being?

Well, first, if you followed me on TikTok, I talk about therapy a lot. But I think ‘Pet Therapy’ and having pets for mental health is HUGE. It’s a life-changer. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that she has changed my life. No matter how stressed you are at the end of the day if you come home and you see this face, how can you not be like, feeling better, right?


But she also kind of saved me too because I think, just the way, like, the lifestyle when you have a dog, you kind of forced to be more active for instance. So I’m someone who hates nature, like, I hate nature. She has forced me to be way more active, taking walks, going out and do adventurous things, that if I didn’t have her, I would’ve never, would’ve never think to do. Honestly.


What are your favorite activities together?

Number one is this, eating! Like I said, today is a big treat. But the other thing that we love doing, I, personally, love coming to chill at cafes. CRAFT is an amazing place. There are so many dog-friendly places in Bangkok that aren’t actually dog-friendly and they don’t have that green spaces, but this one is amazing cause it’s so much space for her to walk around and meet friends.


But if you ask her what her favorite place is, it’s Nong Bon Park. Which is like, I think one of the only dog-friendly parks in Bangkok. Every time we go there, we go like every weekend, we meet so many other dogs. She has so much space to run around and gets me active as well.


Is Kaiwaan naughty?

She’s, honestly, the most well-behaved. The most well-behaved. And I know every parent said that about their kid, but I’m shocked that she barely barks and she’s just like, very tamed.


MyFriend would like to thank Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij and her adorable Beagle for sacrificing their time to let us talk to them during their busy schedules! If you’re looking for quirky, sassy, and funny relatable content on TikTok, be sure to check TikTok: @net_512 out!


? Find out more about Kimpton Maa-Lai and CRAFT here!



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Meet MyFriends!: Kornkanok ‘Yha’ Sitthisakundet & Mellow

Who says rabbits are boring? They’re fun playful creatures with so much personality! You can definitely do the “typical” things you do with a normal pet, like teach them tricks, and take them to the groomer.

Who says rabbits are boring? They’re fun playful creatures with so much personality! You can definitely do the “typical” things you do with a normal pet, like teach them tricks, and take them to the groomer. ?


Bunny’s facts!


Let’s take a look into the lives of Yha and Mellow in the full interview!


? Tap below to view the full interview! ?



Please introduce yourself and your bunny friend!

Hi there, my name is Kornkanok Sitthisakundet, and my nickname is Yha. And this is Mellow, he’s a Holland Lop. Usually, Holland Lop will have floppy ears, but Mellow is probably a halfie so his ears stayed propped. Today we’re bringing him to the groomers at BUNNY VILLA.


How did your life change after you got Mellow?

My life after Mellow is much messier! Because I have to always check his poop if it’s normal. Rabbits are very sensitive animals, it’s easy for them to have an upset stomach. If there is a small shift in their diet, they won’t feel good for a while. With an already perfect digestive system, they’ll need the bathroom right after they eat. So when they consume any fruits with high water content, such as bananas that help with the digestive system, it can disrupt the whole system and upset their stomach. 


Could you share some of your favorite activities together?

Every day after I get home, I have to do this. Petting him for like an hour. He’ll sit really still until he’s satisfied, then he’ll jump off.


What are some of your tips and tricks for rabbit parenting

First off, you have to be prepared financially. One health checkup is more than 500 THB, and if they get sick, it’ll be much more expensive. Surgeries and procedures, stuff like that, so you do have to be financially prepared. Cleanliness is also one of them because they poop a lot, and their cage can get dirty really quickly. As a rabbit owner, you’ll probably have to clean their cage 2-3 times a week, or even better, every day. 


Rabbits are actually very intelligent animals. You can teach them tricks like giving their paw, spinning around, this guy knows his name! If I call him, he’ll hop over. But they are quite introverted, kinda like cats. Personality-wise, rabbits are a mix between cats and dogs. Depending on their mood, and of course, each individual rabbit. Some won’t let you touch them at all, my first rabbit won’t let anyone touch him, he’ll just run away when you get close. 


Anything else you’d like to add for the audience?

Honestly with every animal, if you want them to be friendly with you, you have to give them time. I don’t have much time, and I reach home at 10 pm each day, I’ll play with him until midnight, and the next morning I’ll greet him before I leave for work. Mellow will feel used to my presence, so whenever I call his name, he’ll hop to me. When we want them to do something, reward them with treats so they’ll get excited whenever they see you! 

Don’t be fooled by their cute twitchy nose, bunnies are usually thought of as “low maintenance” but that’s a complete misconception! They are a long-term commitment and require both the care and attention any other pet would need. Thorough research is extremely important before welcoming a rabbit into the family. ??


MyFriend would like to thank Yha and Mellow for the pawtastic interview!
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Meet MyFriends!: Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok & CRAFT

MyFriend is taking you all to meet our friends from Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, a five-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok providing you the best pet-friendly experience there is.

Throughout these long periods of social isolation and remote work, life can feel a little dull. ? Spice things up with a change of scenery, in a place that will welcome your pet like they would a family member!


MyFriend is taking you all to meet our friends from Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, a five-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok providing you with the best pet-friendly experience there is. Take your furry little one out to socialize and make new friends during a staycation without worry! Why? Because you can sleep in the same room with each other. ???


? Click here to see the full interview! ?


Kimpton Maa-Lai


Please introduce yourself and where we are now

My name is Angun, I’m an employee here at Kimpton Maa-Lai as the Service Excellence Team Ambassador, and I’m also the Pet Buddy here at the hotel.


What was the inspiration behind making Kimpton Maa-Lai pet-friendly?

Originally, the founder of the Kimpton brand, Mr. Bill Kimpton, has a beloved pet name Chianti. He had a goal of bringing Chianti on vacation, and even for work. Because Chianti was like his best friend, and also his inspiration. That’s why he wanted a place that welcomes pets, whether it would be in the hotel lodging area or the restaurant zones.


Please tell us more about Pet Privileges at Kimpton Maa-Lai

So Pet Privileges would be the different amenities we’ve provided. This includes within the hotel room, beds, water and food bowls, and even snacks as a welcoming gift. It’s not just humans who get welcome amenities. We also have snacks as a greeting gift also, or some households have cats as pets instead, so we will provide toys to help them relieve stress in a new environment.


Can pets stay here overnight with their parents?

Yes, they can. Pets can come into Kimpton and spend the night. No matter which room type, they are welcome to stay here. That’s why we want to encourage all pawrents to bring their furry friends!


What pets are allowed or not allowed at Kimpton Maa-Lai?

In terms of which pets are allowed, We’re actually quite welcoming and we don’t limit any species. We’re inclusive of all sizes, ages, and breeds. One thing we do ask is for the pets to not be aggressive or venomous, other than that, all pets are welcomed at Kimpton!


Are there any rules to strictly follow? (Pet Policy)

Yes, in the public areas, we ask for the pets to be on a leash at all times. To protect other pets that might be of a different species or breed, to make sure every pet is safe. Within the hotel room, we also have a waiver form for pet parents to sign. It might be about hygiene and cleanliness. When your pet goes to the bathroom in the garden area, we ask pet parents to pick up their waste. We have a form that you can fill out at the reception area, and waste baggies available throughout the park.


The weirdest animal checked in at Kimpton Maa-Lai

The most unique would have to be a Raccoon. The little guys with those eyes and tails. I saw them hanging out with the dogs too. I’ll have to say, a Raccoon was the most unique pet. At first, I thought a bird would be the most unique because we’ve had a guest who brought a big bird, but Raccoon would be the newest addition.


Can we have a pet’s birthday party at Kimpton?

Yes, we also have birthday party services. Pet parents can bring in their furry friends to celebrate their birthdays. In the past, we’ve met a hamster family. This is the second year we’ve had this service, and also the second year the hamsters have celebrated their birthdays with us. We also had parties for bunnies too. There’s not just one, but multiple pawrents who bring in their fur babies to celebrate. 


We have room decorations services also. It would be something similar to a birthday cake, but not a cake. It would be something they already enjoy eating, so we’ve got that taken care of. We don’t just take care of humans, because in reality, the word pet is much more than just a pet, they are members of the family. That’s why we give them the same care.




A good night’s sleep doesn’t mean anything if your belly isn’t full of good food! ? And the same thing goes for your furry friend. There’s is nothing you will have to worry about when you bring your pet in for a staycation together because, at CRAFT, they make sure to treat your trusted companion like a fellow family member! ??


Special menus for hoomans and for fellows with paws, claws, and more! ? Let’s get a glimpse into the idea of CRAFT and what makes them the go-to hang-out spot for cool pawrents. ???


Please introduce yourself and where we are now

Hi, my name is Mike and I’m the manager of CRAFT. We are currently at CRAFT at the Kimpton Maa Lai Bangkok Hotel.


What about CRAFT? What is the highlight of this place?

I will say CRAFT is considered a pet-friendly social hub with green open space, and we also sell specialty coffee and crafted beverages. We’ve been recently written as one of the best restaurants to go to for the best Asia award, for Travel + Leisure, we’re on it!


Do you have any special menus for pets?

Pets can come here and enjoy gourmet menus, especially cooked by our chefs. The most popular dish for dogs would be “The Best Friend’s Beef” which consists of minced beef, crushed peas, and served with brown rice.


For cats, we have “Cats Love Tuna” which consists of crushed tuna and brown rice. To finish off, we also have pet-friendly ice creams, which we teamed up with 4 Paws and A Pair, which offer 100% natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives, and no flavoring for pets. We recommend the “Lickin’ Liver Pate” flavor, and also the “Minty Fresh Doggy Kiss” which were proven to be the two favorites for the guests that come here.


Are there any recommended dishes for Pet Parents too?

As much as we love pets, we also love pet parents too. Here at CRAFT, we serve specialty coffees and crafted beverages for pet parents as well. The most popular dishes on our menu would be our All Day Breakfast menu, which serves bacon and egg rolls, and also for healthy options we have avocado toast, which is two of the favorites here.


Is there anything you would like to say to the audience?

For those pet parents with pets or even the ones without pets that like to be around pets, CRAFT is the place to be. We look forward to welcoming you all.


If you’re looking for a place to wind down, have a birthday celebration for your pet, or just to have good food, Kimpton Maa-Lai is the place for you. With the rich and green atmosphere, spending the day walking around can feel as relaxing as a spa day! Bond during a staycation together with your lovely pet, all while enjoying the ultimutt pet friendly atmosphere at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok.


Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Tel. +66 (0)2 056 9999



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Meet MyFriends!: Grace - Chichanun Intarasomboon with Toby & Desty

Today, MyFriend is with Grace Intarasomboon, a business owner and ex-influencer of Instagram with her two Scottish Fold kitties!

Why do we have pets? Modern pawrents don’t have pets for convenience or practical reasons like catching mice or guarding the house anymore! But the reason lies closer to the heart so that us hoomans see them as a companion, and a friend ?. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that over 80% of pets did help their  pawrents feel less lonely and less isolated! 


Today, MyFriend is with Chichanun 'Grace' Intarasomboon, a business owner and the former influencer of Instagram with her two Scottish Fold kitties! Toby and Desty came into Grace’s life during her university years. A simple beginning from being a condo cat to help ease the loneliness, into fellow beloved family members.


Let’s listen to this story of a mother of two (cats) in the full interview! 


? Tap below to view the interview video! ?



Please introduce yourself and your feline friends.

My name is Grace, Chichanun Intarasomboon. I was an influencer, but nowadays I’ve started my own business. I have 2 Scottish Fold cats, one long hair and one short hair. This is Toby, our white Scottish fold who is a 3-year-old male.


This is another one, called Desty. Name came from the word “destiny” because when we first met, it was like love at first sight. Went to pick her up at Don Mueng!


In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what breed I wanted. I just wanted a cat and I was scrolling through Twitter when someone was posting about them, and I wanted a tabby, because I heard people saying tabbies are the street cats of other countries. In my mind, street cats are super affectionate. This guy is just like that! Just as I wanted.


Why did you decide to become a cat parent?

I started taking care of cats during university. I was living in a condo and I was lonely, so I really wanted a cat. I thought that sneaking a cat into the condo was fine because they’re quiet!


I really like dogs, but I can’t handle them. Because of the noise, as for cats in condos, it's so much easier! So it was an option I had to consider.


Are there any activities you enjoy together? 

When I get home, we love to cuddle! Every time I arrive, they will call for me in front of the room.


Are there any tricks you’ve taught your kitty?

Cats are very similar to humans. They have an ego so it’s a bit hard to train them, that’s why I never really did. If there is then I’d say running on the treadmill so they lose a little bit of weight! Because the tabby loves to eat, the vet recommended for her to run and exercise sometimes. There’s a trick, like using lasers so they will run!


Has Toby and Desty ever had a naughty moment? 

Honestly, the tabby (Desty) isn’t naughty at all. Super polite. Whereas this guy (Toby) is super naughty! Toby is a male, and I think we neutered him too late, so till this day, he still sprays everywhere! And the sofa is shredded. If his bathroom is a little dirty, he’ll immediately have an attitude. And he always pees on the sofa too! We usually have a sofa cover, but we have to wash it because he peed on it. 


What’s the best memory you’ve had together?

For the tabby, or Desty, it will be when I’m crying. When I’m stressed, or recently had an argument, if I’m crying alone in my room, Desty will come and give me so much affection. As for the white one (Toby)? Every morning he will come and give me love, but I don’t know if it’s because he’s hungry or misses me. Toby will come near, like waking me up. This guy loves people, and will always be near them. 


Anything you’d like to say to the audience? 

For those who want to have pets, no matter if it’s a cat or dog, or anything, please think it through before you decide. Are we financially ready, do we have enough time for another life? I don’t know how other people take care of their pets, but for me, I think they’re another life. Another member of the family. Think about it first, if you are ready or not.


Because the bond between a pet and their owner is so special. The connection, love, care, and friendship that is cultivated through the good times and the hard times is irreplaceable. They’re not just a companion during lonely times, but a big part of our lives. A member family that is always there, waiting for us to come home every single day ?


MyFriend would like to thank Chichanun (Grace) Intarasomboon, Toby & Desty, who welcomed our team into their homes with open arms. Giving us insightful, entertaining, and inspiring thoughts about having a furry feline friend; coming from the cat mom herself! 


Until next time! Meoooow ?




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Meet MyFriends! Caturday Cat Cafe - Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon

If you are itching to meet these floof balls, you can’t miss Caturday Cat Cafe - a place where you can meet all the adorable friends beyond your phone screen!

Pawrents have been sharing their fur babies on online platforms since the beginning! Pet Instagram accounts are continuing to grow as we speak. When we see adorable kitties on social media, we can’t help but have the urge to meet these cuties! If you are itching to meet these floof balls, you can’t miss Caturday Cat Cafe - a place where you can meet all the adorable friends beyond your phone screen! 


Today, Meet MyFriends! are meeting with Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon, one of the owners of Caturday Cat Cafe. She co-owns the Caturday Cat Cafe with Pawan Purijitpanya, and Paween ‘Golf’ Purijitpanya (Thai film director), fellow cat lovers who understand us followers who can’t contain our cutegasms!


? Click here to see the full interview! ?


Please introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Aom, the cat mom of Caturday Cat Cafe!


The origin of starting a cat cafe

Well, it actually started from being a pet parent, at first it was just 4-5 cats. First, Golf bought a cat named ‘Katchup’! There were people who were following Golf for Katchup! We started getting questions like “We really want to meet the cat, what should we do?” So that’s where the idea began. The idea started as a place for people to meet and play with our cats. Then, we were also able to add more cats to the team! So the idea popped up as “Should we start a cafe?”


How long has the cafe been operating? How many members are in the Caturday family?

We’ve started for over 10 years already! If we include the cats we have at home and the cafe, it’s probably about 50 cats. There are both cats that stay at the cafe, and those who come and go, alternating the rest days. 


How many cats do you have here? Have they ever fought each other?

Yes! We got naughty ones here too. Usually, when we buy cats, we won’t get them all at once. We slowly accumulate the population, so when we get a new member, we try to train them to get used to the environment. For example, we try to give them treats near each other, so they spend more time near each other. Sort of like an icebreaker for them. Because in new places, cats tend to gravitate to familiar friends or have a hard time adjusting to a new place. First, it depends on the cat’s personality.
When they fight, it’s normal behavior for cats. Snatching each other's food or sleeping area. It’s normal if they get angry or frustrated, but we don’t have severe cases here unless there’s a new addition to the family. 


Which one is the most friendly cat?

There’s many of them that loves people! Give people affection, some of them, when the customer comes, they’ll sit on their laps, or roll around them, and even squeeze themselves next to them! Usually, it’s the exotic ones, cats with squished faces will tend to be more affectionate. There are many breeds here! For example, Scottish Folds, Munchkin, fellas with short legs, Bengals, Exotic Shorthair, American Short Hair, American Curl, British Shorthair, Kinkalow, many breeds, and Persian. 
I have to say, the cats here have their own unique characters. Some are born comedians! Only seeing their face can make you laugh, some are really cute. 


Anything else for the audience?

For cat lovers, and those who aren’t cat lovers, check out Caturday Cat Cafe! We believe that you will definitely fall in love with the cat’s cuteness here!


As followers of cute pet Instagram accounts, we can tell you that Caturday Cat Cafe is the perfect place for cat lovers! Let these adorable kitties scratch the itch of finally meeting these purrfect cats.


We would like to thank Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon, the co-owner of Caturday Cat Cafe, and the staff who welcomed our team and shared with us an impressive story! If you’re looking for warm cuddles and playtime with cats, come to Caturday Cat Cafe. And they will ‘serve’ you with the most adorable cats!


For more information, check out Facebook: Caturday Cat Cafe or Instagram: @caturdaycatcafe!



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