HuggaPaws: Fix your paw pal’s itchy problems!

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Do your pets have an itchy problem? No one wants to itch, so to your little friends!

Do your pets have an itchy problem?
Whenever or whatever they’re doing, they would stop doing those things and scratch, scratch, and scratch. Uncontrollably! No one wants to itch, so to your little friends!

Naphatsorn Buranasiri (Momay) is one of Thailand's most popular beauty and lifestyle content creators. She is also a mother of ‘The Three Sausageteers’, Dandy, Teddy, and Bailey. She developed nano silver spray products under the HuggaPaws brand to fight the Sausages’ itchy problems!



HuggaPaws Antimicrobial Nano Silver Spray will clean your friends' paws with silver nanoparticles that kills 99% of bacteria for as long as 24 hours. It will not cause any irritation on your beloved pet's skin or paws. No alcohol, fragrance, or chemicals that could be hazardous for pets. Also, it can help reduce the damp and rashes caused by bacteria and some types of mold.



It is good with dogs, cats, and rabbits. Spray your friend's paws for fluffy, dried, and odorless results. ? Let's walk through this rainy season together!

HuggaPaws just released their new product at the beginning of this year. HuggaPaws Biodegradable Waste Bag, poop bags that are made of oxo-biodegradable materials. They are 100% degradable within a year! All green pawrents don’t need to worry anymore if your pet's poop bags will still be here after a hundred year! These bags from HuggaPaws can also keep in the smellies, it won't leak!



Everyone can shop for these essential items on IG



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