Insure your pet with our partner InsurePaws.

MyFriend and InsurePaws only want the best for your pets. By providing you with reliable, simple, and convenient insurance plans, that takes less than a minute to sign up!

With a 100% reimbursement rate, any pawrent can protect their trusted companion. InsurePaws are inclusive of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Mixed fur babies are welcomed!

The Plans

  • No breed 

    Get the best protection for any dog or cat breed, including mixed breeds

    Secured and 

    Never forget a payment and keep your pet insured with our automated and secured payment process.


    We release you from the stress of paying big bills in emergency situations. We reimburses 100% of the costs of covered treatments.
  • Easy and 

    Our monthly plans are 15-30% less expensive than other companies offering similar coverage. With no deductible.

    Visit any vet 
    in Thailand

    You know better your pet than us ! You can stay with the vet you and your pets love – visit any licensed Vet in Thailand


    Rest assured with InsurePaws’s 48 Hours claims process.

Dog or Cat?

We have a plan that fits every shape, size, and breed.
Find the one that fits your pet, at your price. Starting at just 84 TBH per month, InsurePaws will cover your pet’s essential care.
All plans include
Accidents & Injuries
Hereditary & congenital conditions
Swallowed Objects & toxins
Emergency & Hospitalization
Surgery & Specialized care
Cancer treatment
Parasites & Infectious Diseases
Outpatient Care
Diagnostics, Testing & Treatment
MRI, CT Scan & X-Ray
Ongoing & chronic conditions
& more
Wellness Exam Plan
Loss of Life
Third Party Liability Plan
Not included
Pre-existing conditions
Spaying or neutering

Pet Insurance Benefits

Protects you from the stress of unexpected high pet healthcare costs.

With a 100% reimbursement rate, your choices or options are not limited.

Allows you to focus on what is really important for your pet.

Don’t let the high cost of emergency treatment lead you to painful, heartbreaking choices.

Lets you be there for your pet when he needs you most.

Pet Insurance will help you take care of your pet when-not if- something arises

a question?

Need some help choosing the right package ? 
Email us at or 
speak with us on our Official Line account @myfriend. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is InsurePaws ?

InsurePaws is pet insurance that pays you back for vet expenses when your cat or dog gets sick or hurt. InsurePaws offers affordable coverage with a no-nonsense plan and easy-to-understand policies. For as little as 84 TBH per month, we’ll cover your pet’s essential care—with no deductible and no vet restrictions within Thailand.

- How many pets can I have on one policy ?

One policy covers one pet. But don’t worry, simply add a plan for each additional pet.

- Is there a network of vets my pet need to visit ?

No, you know your pet the best. That’s why we’ll never tell you who to choose for your pet’s care. Visit any vet, hospital, or specialist in Thailand worry-free.

- Does InsurePaws have age restrictions?

To enroll, pets must meet the following requirements : Dogs from 12 weeks old, up to 8 years. Cats from 12 weeks old, up to 10 years

- Does InsurePaws have breed restrictions ?

No, we love and insure pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds

- How does the claims submission work ?

As part of the InsurePaws family, we’ll reimburse 100% of covered expenses. When your pet is sick or hurt, simply visit any licensed vet, specialist, or hospital in Thailand. Because we’ll reimburse you for your covered expenses, you need to keep a record of your vet bill that was paid in full. With InsurePaws’ easy tech-based platform, you’ll be able to submit your claim in minutes by uploading your vet bill and any medical records. We’ll handle it from there and you’ll be reimbursed in as little as 48 hours.

- How do I contact customer service ?

We’re always here to help! You can email our partner InsurePaws at
Or feel free to contact MyFriend on our Official Line Account @myfriend or by email at

- Does InsurePaws apply increase every year ?

If there are no claims there will be no increase, in the event of claims the maximum renewal increase is 3% per year
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