Meet MyFriends!: Kingkong Pet Shop - Wikorn Waewpradit (Katun)

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Today, MyFriend is with Wikorn Waewpradit (Katun), a friend who will tell us about the ‘Kingkong Pet Shop’, a well-known pet shop that has been in business for over sixteen years!

As a pet parent, one significant place that you must visit is a pet shop, to get stuff for your endearing fluff ball that’s waiting for you at home. The problem is that you usually have to make multiple stops before the list of needed items is done but what if you can have everything pet-related all in one place?! That would be so pawsome! Everything needed in one single stop, it's even better if you can take your pet in for grooming sessions as well!


Today, MyFriend is with Wikorn Waewpradit (Katun), a friend who will tell us about the ‘Kingkong Pet Shop’, a well-known pet shop that has been in business for over sixteen years!



Please begin by introducing yourself and the Kingkong Pet Shop.

Hello, I’m Katun, the owner of Kingkong Pet Shop. We now have six locations, four in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit 26, Tesco Lotus Rama IV, Ram Inthra 39, and 101 True Digital Park. We also have two branches in Ayutthaya.


The inspiration behind your pet shop.

It’s more like I love having pet shops. Back then when this started, there weren’t many cute products or that many selections of pet stuff in the market (2006). My boyfriend Gong, was actually the one who started this business with his brother. I acquired their shop and opened more branches in Bangkok.


Are you a pet parent yourself?

I do have cats. They actually live here. (Cat hotel at Kingkong Pet Shop, Sukhumvit 26). I adopted them from the streets or some of them our staff found and brought them to live here. We take care of them here, I don’t have any at the apartment.  


Why did you choose the name Kingkong Pet Shop?

It was originally titled 'The Pet Shop Boy,' but the name was too long and difficult for Thais to pronounce. In Japan, there’s an area with a huge King Kong statue, and everyone refers to that area as ‘King Kong’ so I named the store the ‘Kingkong Pet Shop’, it’s easy for Thai people to say and remember.


How long has Kingkong Pet Shop been open?

It's been quite some time since 2006. It’s now been more than ten years.


We’ve heard that customers can adopt cats from here.

Yes. Some customers rescued them and delivered them here. Some are volunteers who rescued some kittens and sterilized the mother cat. People who found cats that are in need of a new home can bring them here. Right now we accept cats only.


What impact does the Pet Parenting trend have on Kingkong Pet Shop?

Pet parents who have fur babies invest heavily in their pets. They are detailed and choose only good items for their paw kids.

For grooming and pet hotel services, they will always want to know what we do to their pets. If their pets stay at the hotel, we need to inform them of the living situation. There are live cameras everywhere. Because most parents are concerned about grooming, the walls are transparent. They are afraid that we will hurt their pets.

Some have the idea that we might anesthetize their pets before grooming, they’ve seen or experienced it somewhere so they’re scared. But we won’t do that. If your pets are too aggressive or too scared, we will show you that it’s impossible to groom your pets. If it’s too stressful for both the pets and the groomers then we would rather not do it. Transparent things are better for everyone's mental health, if the pet parents can see everything that we’re doing, then they’ll be happy and that’s good for us.


How can clients be sure that Kingkong Pet Shop would take good care of their buddies if they leave their cats here for a few nights?

For the cat hotel, we also have live cameras from the outside, so you can see the playground and some parts of the room. We will let your cat out four times a day, one cat at a time, to play in the center room. They’ll come out one by one, so they won’t fight. We will send you pictures and/or videos too. You can also check updates through the camera application.


Why would pet parents shop at Kingkong Pet Shop?

Every branch of Kingkong Pet Shop has different target customers. Here (at Sukhumvit 26), we aim to offer a diverse product range that is appropriate for our target audience. We also imported certain pet accessories by ourselves. Because pet products have constraints, fewer options on the market, and varying quality, we will decide what our customers require with several options.

We also have hard-working and service-minded employees who deliver excellent service. Parking is also available. Our store is spacious, not so little that you can't stroll around easily.


Is there going to be a Kingkong Coffee Shop in every branch in the future? Being a meeting place for pawrents to enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know one another.

We originally intended for this to be a pet-friendly location. We have monitor screens here so you can see what's going on inside. That is the cafe's idea. However, it is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We still don't have café plans for the other branches because there isn't enough space. At the Rama IV branch, for example, we solely sell products. We have additional space at the 101 True Digital Park branch, so there will be a shop and grooming. The cafe is still a challenge for future branches.


Is there anything you'd like to say to the audience?

Pet parenting is a popular trend right now. I'd like to encourage you to get them when you're ready. Provide them with the love, time, and attention they require. If you have one, I'm sure you already love them. If you are not ready, find them a home. Find them a place to live. Never leave them outside. Please don’t just leave them, most domestic pets are unable to find their own food, they don’t know how. Finding a home is the right thing to do, not leaving them on the street to fend for themselves.


Where can pet parents connect with Kingkong Pet Shop on social media?

Follow us on Facebook at Kingkong Petshop and LINE OA at @kingkongpetshop.


MyFriend is overjoyed that we were able to converse with Wikorn Waewpradit (Katun) about the history of Kingkong Pet Shop, where everything can be found. If you're looking for a shopping spot in the heart of Bangkok with a parking lot, a cat hotel, and a grooming service, go to Kingkong Pet Shop at Warehouse 26, Sukhumvit 26 where all tasks can be done!



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