Must have grooming items for a home-spa day

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Although taking your pets to the groomer for a shower and a fresh cut might seem like a superficial thing, it actually has a huge impact on your friend’s health!

Although taking your pets to the groomer for a shower and a fresh cut might seem like a superficial thing, it actually has a huge impact on your friend’s health! Pawrents might prefer to DIY their pet’s hair-do for the month, or some would rather go to a professional instead. Pet parents shouldn’t forget to take into account their pet’s fur, coat, and skin health. It’s always better to detect small issues before they turn into something that requires…the cone of shame! 


Bathing and grooming pets at home

Dog parents might have gone through a lot trying to take the furry ones to the groomers. And after all that effort, for them to run into the mud and roll in the grass! On many occasions, you might have to bring them back to the groomer for another session. But if it’s minor damage, maybe a little cleanup session at home will work too! Other than keeping the cleanliness intact for the pets and family members, your wallet could also be spared.


Cats have a natural tendency to clean and groom themselves for hours on end, which is definitely part of their reputation as low-maintenance pets. But some cats actually need help in this department, depending on their fur length and breed. Pawrents should keep up with combing and brushing to avoid tangles in feline friends with longer coats.



Essentials for showering and grooming at home!

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Comb and brushes

Pets usually come with fur (except special breeds like the sphynx cat), whether or not they have short or long hair – maintenance is recommended! Using a comb or brush will help rid of knots and tangles, all while helping your furry friend shed according to the seasons! Brushing and combing also help your pet produce healthy oils that will surely help them get that smooth and silky coat. After brushing your pet on a regular schedule, you might notice that there is less unwanted shedding around the house. Don’t forget to use the right-sized brush and the appropriate bristles for the little ones' hair type.




Nail clippers and trimmers 

Although using nail clippers on your pet might require a lot of strength and willpower, having them in your house is a worthwhile investment! Because your pet’s long nails might end up digging into their own fingers, creating immense pain and affecting their walk, gait, and stance in the long run! Nail trimming is something so small but so important. Help your fur babies avoid these health issues (and also save your own skin from scratches) through regular trimming.  




Wet wipes for pets 

A definite must-have for all households! Especially during those trips to the park, where your pets are dirty, but not dirty enough for a bath – wet wipes are the answer. The convenience and benefits of their coat and fur are immense! Get rid of the dirt and grime effectively, you can use it to wipe off their face, mouth, or even paws! Just using these wipes can prolong the time before you visit the groomer. But you gotta make sure that the wet wipes are pet-friendly because the generic wipes are not suitable to use for your pets! 




Pet shampoos

For households that shower and groom their pets at home, you probably have a go-to brand and formula for your furry friend. The most important thing with pet shampoos is the appropriate formula for each individual friend. For example, some brands have shampoos specifically made for white fur, anti-ticks and fleas, nourishing the coat, and even organic/natural formulas! You can also use conditioners or additional products for maximum softness.


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Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Because our pet’s oral care is so crucial, even compared to other health issues. Our pets should have a regular tooth-brushing schedule as we do! As pawrents, you can find pet-friendly toothpaste (that smells like actual food but it’s actually toothpaste) alongside the perfect tooth-brushing tool for your pet. Regular brushing and maintenance can also be done with dental wipes or even dental sticks, which would be more convenient for most pawrents! 



That’s all for the essential items you need to give your pet a DIY makeover at home, it’s not much at all right? Although grooming your pets might feel like a daunting task, especially pawrents who have pets with long or thick coats, or limited space that hinders the whole process. Regardless, regular brushing here and there, wiping access dirt, or even giving them a dental snack once in a while is a great way to form a bond between you and your pet. It’s also a great method to use for checking up on their health in the long run too, and it might just save you from a big medical bill later on! 




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