Spoil your cats on International Cat Day!

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What’s the happiest day for your cat? The answer is every day with you!

What’s the happiest day for your cat? The answer is every day with you! ??


However, lovely things on a special occasion, like International Cat Day, are also important. Although our cats do not understand their special days as humans do, we still are able to celebrate with them.


Let’s see some easy ways to spoil your cat on International Cat Day!


New Toys

Look for a toy to spoil your cat! It could be a brand new cat teaser, a cute designed cat scratching toy, or even catnip! You can give them all the fun toys you can get, but that’s not all. Most importantly, you should enjoy playing with them too! So you get to spend quality time with your kitty. ✨


Favorite Treats

Because cat food comes in a big pack, having them for a long time might lessen your cat’s appetite. Increasing their hunger with a special favorite menu is another idea for celebration! From dry or wet food, try warming up freeze-dried food, and serve them as if it’s fresh! You can also add toppings like a piece of salmon meat for the purrfect meal ?


Pet Your Cat

If you have no idea what to give or have no time to prepare things, try petting your cat until they are floating to the moon! Even though it’s a very simple thing that you might do, discover some more favorite spots to pet your fur babies!


What about your cat? How are you going to celebrate this International Cat Day with them?


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